Supreme Court Dispatches
Supreme Court Dispatches
March 3 2015 12:21 PMPower to the PartisansThe Supreme Court’s conservatives think democracy is overrated.
Jan. 21 2015 11:29 AMJudicial IndignityThe Supreme Court ponders judges’ freedom to panhandle.
Dec. 2 2014 1:39 PMThe Supreme Court Justices on FacebookThis week’s Elonis v. United States oral arguments as told through social media.
Nov. 3 2014 6:36 PMWho Decides Who Rules Jerusalem?Antonin Scalia maintains that Congress is free to antagonize whatever foreign entities it wants to.
April 29 2014 6:59 PMOur Cellphones Are UsThe Supreme Court tries to reconcile the Fourth Amendment with the realities of our tech age.
March 25 2014 6:43 PMIs the Contraception Mandate Doomed?It sure looks that way after the Hobby Lobby argument.
Oct. 8 2013 6:32 PMPoor Little Rich GuysThe Supreme Court clamors to protect the right of Richie Rich, Scrooge McDuck, and the Koch brothers to further corrupt American politics.
March 27 2013 4:39 PMDitching DOMAJudging by Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing, the Defense of Marriage Act can’t be defended.
Feb. 27 2013 4:17 PMIs the South Still Racist?The Supreme Court’s conservatives seem to think the answer is no—and that the Voting Rights Act has outlived its purpose.
Oct. 19 2012 5:56 PMWhy Advancing Gay Rights is All About Good TimingLessons for same-sex marriage from the Supreme Court’s terrible decision in Bowers v. Hardwick.
Oct. 10 2012 5:58 PMBetween a Quota and a Hard PlaceIs the Supreme Court ready to end affirmative action?
March 28 2012 10:12 PMA Moment of Silence for ObamacarePrayers, depression, and Latin phrases. Obamacare looks to have had another very bad day.
March 27 2012 4:10 PMPlace Your Bets on ObamacareIt appears we’ll have a photo finish. Obama’s signature legislative achievement will probably rise or fall on the opinion of John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy.
March 20 2012 7:55 PMThe Supreme Court’s Guide to Good ParentingWhen it comes to punishing children, the Supreme Court doesn’t have a clue.
Feb. 22 2012 8:13 PMHeavy MedalsSotomayor’s boyfriends lie to her? And the other untruths that worry the Supreme Court.
Jan. 22 2015 11:25 AMScalia to the Rescue?The Fair Housing Act might just find redemption from the unlikeliest justice.
Dec. 3 2014 6:45 PMHeavy LiftingThe Supreme Court is flummoxed by pregnancy discrimination and semicolons.
Nov. 5 2014 6:54 PMScales of JusticeThe Supreme Court has more fun than ought to be legal arguing about shrimpy grouper.
Oct. 7 2014 6:29 PMTiny Little PistolsThe justices wonder what dangers lurk in a half-inch beard.
April 22 2014 6:52 PMWhat’s Scarier Than Truthiness in Politics? A law banning it.
Nov. 6 2013 6:46 PMSay a Prayer for the Supreme CourtCan the justices settle the world’s religious differences? Not a chance in hell.
April 15 2013 6:31 PMTaking the Breast Cancer TestStories from Slate readers about human gene patenting, the Supreme Court topic of the day.
March 26 2013 4:52 PMMarried, and Gay, With ChildrenThe bottom line at the Supreme Court: Gay marriage hurts nobody, and it’ll help thousands of kids.
Oct. 31 2012 6:05 PMWhy the Supreme Court Isn’t a Dog’s Best FriendAt least when it comes to drug sniffing dogs that police want to use without a warrant.
Oct. 15 2012 3:40 AMBoss Emily Bazelon AroundWhich classic Supreme Court decision should she write about?
April 25 2012 8:10 PMThe Supreme Court Would Like To See Your PapersThe justices say Arizona’s immigration law has nothing to do with race—except when it pleases them.
March 27 2012 10:47 PMThe Supreme Court’s Dark Vision of FreedomThe court’s conservatives apparently believe in the land of the free. Circa 1804.
March 26 2012 6:17 PMYou Say Tax, I Say PenaltyOn day one of the Supreme Court arguments over Obamacare, the justices did what they do best: argue over boring old 19th-century statutes for the fun of it.
Feb. 28 2012 7:25 PMJustice on the High SeasThe Supreme Court says corporations have a right to free speech. But can they get away with murder?
Jan. 10 2012 9:35 PMIfs, Ands, and ButtsThe Supreme Court gets the full-monty treatment.