Summer Movies
Summer Movies

The Universal Translator

How Hollywood represents foreign speech: a video slide show.

July 29 2010 10:03 AMSave Paul RuddHollywood is squandering one of its greatest comedic resources.
July 8 2010 7:01 AMThe Silence of the SilentsA heroic wiki project to identify lost and orphaned films.
June 22 2010 5:50 PMSummer MoviesSlate's complete coverage of blockbuster season.
June 17 2010 3:27 PMPixar's Secret WeaponJohn Ratzenberger.
June 10 2010 10:33 AMThe Genius of Jackie ChanHe's a cinematic artist on par with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.
July 7 2009 7:00 AM"That Was Way Too Close!"Wonderfully absurd escapes from mortal danger in the original G.I. Joe cartoon.
July 7 2009 7:03 AMMinor ThreatWhy are we so fascinated with horror movies about homicidal children?
July 6 2009 7:03 AMBest Weekend NeverWhy journalists don't account for inflation when they report box office records.
July 6 2009 7:02 AMThe King of All FormulasThe incredible true story of the man who invented the Hollywood schlock machine.
June 29 2007 7:21 AMRat and Mouse GameWhat rat movies are really about.
June 28 2007 10:49 AMHappy MealRatatouille moved me to tears.
June 27 2007 12:39 PMKiller IdeasUsing movie plots to combat terrorism.
June 27 2007 7:05 AMThe Surf Also RisesHow macho movies get misread as homoerotic.
June 26 2007 5:10 PMMake It a Large for a Quarter More? A short history of movie theater concession stands. Plus: A candy quiz!
June 26 2007 12:38 PMLeisure and InnocenceThe eternal appeal of the stoner movie.
July 13 2010 10:04 AMA World Without WaterworldsWhatever happened to the box-office bomb?
June 25 2010 11:03 AMThe Best Movies Never MadeOrson Welles as Christ, Paul McCartney as Frodo, Al Pacino as Noriega, and seven other near-misses.
June 21 2010 7:43 PMRemember Dick Tracy?It had Warren Beatty. Al Pacino. Madonna. Songs by Sondheim.
June 15 2010 9:44 AMThe Real DealThe unjustly unheralded Michael Winterbottom blurs the line between fiction and documentary.
June 8 2010 5:22 PMGo See BreathlessGodard's debut reinvented the movies, and it's never looked better.
July 7 2009 7:01 AMWhy Don't Movies Ever Blow Up the Bay Bridge?A history of destroying national landmarks on film.
July 7 2009 7:04 AMSlate's Summer Movies Issue IIIIt's a sequel, but we promise it's good.
July 6 2009 7:03 AMThat Was AwesomeWhat stuntmen think are the best stunt films of all time.
July 6 2009 7:01 AMThe Blockbusters of ChinaChinese people watch good movies in which people shoot one another with crossbows, not the miserable art-house fare that gets exported.
June 28 2007 3:32 PMBrad Bird, Animation AuteurHow the director of Ratatouille became the Stanley Kubrick of animation.
June 27 2007 12:55 PMWait Till Next YearNot impressed with this summer's blockbusters? Check out what's on tap for summer 2008.
June 27 2007 12:47 PMThe Original TarantinoHow Sergio Leone ushered in our borderless pop culture.
June 26 2007 7:18 PMReal American HeroThe analog awesomeness of Live Free or Die Hard.
June 26 2007 12:35 PMRevolutionary Road—the MovieLeonardo DiCaprio. Kate Winslet. Richard Yates' dark novel is finally being made into a Hollywood movie.
June 26 2007 12:34 PMThe State of the NinjaPop-cultural cliché or poised for a comeback?