Everything about Slate's 10th anniversary.

Everything about Slate's 10th anniversary.

Everything about Slate's 10th anniversary.

June 1996 - June 2006.
June 23 2006 7:47 AM

Slate's 10th Anniversary

Celebrating our first decade with some of our all-time favorite articles, lots of self-congratulation, and a few sharp critiques.

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"Online Media and the Future of Journalism: A forum celebrating the 10th anniversary of Slate at the New York Public Library." Posted June 15, 2006

All-Time Favorite Slate Articles

"Go Ahead—Sleep With Your Kids:The urge is natural. Surrender to it," by Robert Wright. Originally published March 28, 1997.

"How Will the Universe End?:A cosmic detective story about the demise of the world, in three parts," by Jim Holt. Originally published March 4, 2004.

" The Unbinding: A Slate novel," by Walter Kirn. Originally published March 13, 2006.


"Liberal Hawks Reconsider the Iraq War:A Slate dialogue," by Paul Berman, Thomas Friedman, Fred Kaplan, George Packer, Kenneth Pollack, Jacob Weisberg, and Fareed Zakaria. Originally published Jan. 12-16, 2004.

"Trying Really Hard To Like India: Step 1: Making peace with poverty ... and with parasitic worms," by Seth Stevenson. Originally published Sept. 27, 2004.

"The Slate Guide to Gurus: Choose the one who's right for you," by David Plotz. Originally published April 29, 2004.

"Mime Is Money: My dreadful career as a street performer," by Emily Yoffe. Originally published Oct. 30, 2003.

"The New Vanity Press Moguls: Welcome, Philip Anschutz! Bruce Wasserstein! Roger Hertog!" by Jack Shafer. Originally published Feb. 27, 2004.

"The Book Club: Goldberg and Orlean discuss The Orchid Thief and more," by Jeffrey Goldberg and Susan Orlean. Originally published Jan. 25, 1999.

"Election or Art?: Harry Shearer turns satellite feeds into found objects," by Timothy Noah. Originally published Oct. 14, 2004.