Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Slate.
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Slate.
June 1996 - June 2006.
June 15 2006 6:49 AM

Online Media and the Future of Journalism

A forum celebrating the 10th anniversary of Slate at the New York Public Library.

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Jacob Weisberg is editor of Slate and the author of a weekly political column for Slate that also appears in the Financial Times. Before joining Slate in 1996, he wrote about politics for magazines including the New Republic, Newsweek, and New York and has written as well for Vanity Fair and the New York Times Magazine. He is the co-author, with Robert E. Rubin, of In an Uncertain World. He is also the author of In Defense of Government, the 2000 eBook The Road to Chadville, and the Bushisms series.

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