Slate’s best articles of November, ranked.

Trump Impressions, Fight Scenes, and Viral Math: The Best Slate Stories You Missed

Trump Impressions, Fight Scenes, and Viral Math: The Best Slate Stories You Missed

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Dec. 1 2015 10:36 AM

What You Should Read From November

We ranked the month’s most popular Slate articles. Then we asked our editors to recommend the best story you didn’t read.


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We ranked the most popular articles published by Slate in November. Then we asked a few Slate editors to nominate the best stories you missed. Their answers are at the bottom.  Slate Plus editors

The 20 Most Read Articles of November

3. “Here’s How Artists in the Late 1800s Imagined Life in the Year 2000
By Kristin Hohenadel, Nov. 16, 2015

6. “Watch Adele’s ‘Hello’ Save Thanksgiving Dinner on SNL
By Sharan Shetty, Nov. 22, 2015

10. “Donald Trump Delivered the Most Embarrassing Rant of the GOP Debate
By Jordan Weissmann, Nov. 10, 2015

12. “How to Soften Cold Butter Quickly Without Melting It (Video)
By Jackson Veigel, Nov. 23, 2015

13. “Help! My Favorite Advice Columnist Is Leaving Slate.
By Emily Yoffe, Nov. 9, 2015

14. “Hillary Clinton Is Stepping Up Her Smear Campaign Against Bernie
By William Saletan, Nov. 4, 2015

17. “When Is It OK to Be Alone With Another Person’s Spouse?
By Ben Mathis-Lilley, Nov. 5, 2015

18. “Why Did the Killers Target the Eagles of Death Metal Concert?
By Justin E.H. Smith, Nov. 16, 2015

20. “Spooning Is a Physical and Ideological Travesty. It Must End Now.
By J. Bryan Lowder, Nov. 4, 2015

Notes: Stories with the most unique visitor traffic from Nov. 1, 2015, through Nov. 30, 2015. Omits regular Dear Prudence columns and some stories that were published prior to Nov 1.

The 20 Articles You Spent the Longest Time Reading

5. “I Was Afraid of Slate Commenters. So I Became One.
By Justin Peters, Nov. 5, 2015

8. “How Workers’ Comp Is Rigged
By Jamie Smith Hopkins, Nov. 5, 2015

11. “Public School Students Say Christianity Is Being Forced on Them
By Zack Kopplin, Nov. 2, 2015

12. “Sappho Goes to Hollywood: Lesbian Movies From Desert Hearts to Carol
By Claire Landsbaum, Nov. 19, 2015

13. “Why Ted Cruz Could Be the Next President of the United States
By Jamelle Bouie, Nov. 8, 2015

15. “MGM’s Legendary Fixer Eddie Mannix and the Lives He Ruined
By Karina Longworth, Nov. 6, 2015

17. “When Elvis Costello Was Cruel
By Carl Wilson, Nov. 6, 2015

18. “The United States Doesn’t Spend Enough on Its Military
By Reihan Salam, Nov. 12, 2015

20. “Leland Palmer Wasn’t the Only Thing That Killed Twin Peaks
By Dennis Lim, Nov. 12, 2015

Notes: Ranking omits Dear Prudence articles, news quiz, and videos. Time on page isn’t necessarily a measure of active reading time.

What You Missed

The best story we published in November that didn’t make any of these lists? Here are the stories our editors nominated for a second look.

Senior editor Laura Bennett recommends her interview with longtime Donald Trump impersonator John Di Domenico.

Deputy editor John Swansburg recommends this debunking of the Ferguson effect, by Leon Neyfakh.

Senior editor Rachael Larimore wants you to understand what the eff is up with the “A” in “effing A”?

And health and science editor Laura Helmuth points out Jordan Ellenberg’s explainer of “the viral math conundrum of the moment.”