Slate’s best articles of September, ranked.

The Best Slate Article That You Missed in September

The Best Slate Article That You Missed in September

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Oct. 1 2015 3:47 PM

What You Should Read From September

Ranking the month’s most popular Slate articles and finding the best story you didn’t read.


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Here are the most popular stories, by several measures, published by Slate in September. After compiling these lists, we asked a few Slate editors to nominate the best stories you missed. Their answers are at the bottom. —Slate Plus editors.

The 20 Most Popular Stories of the Month

9. The Men of El Salvador’s Most Notorious Gang
By Jordan G. Teicher, Sept. 21

20. Kim Davis May Be Heading Back to Jail
By Mark Joseph Stern, Sept. 22

Notes: Stories published from Aug. 31, 2015 through Sept. 30, 2015 that had the most unique visitor traffic. Omits Dear Prudence stories.

The 10 Articles You Spent the Longest Time Reading

3. Why Do Some Kids With Autism Seem to Grow Out of It?
By Siri Carpenter, Sept. 9 (Originally published in Spectrum)

6. The Highs and Lows in CNN’s Epic GOP Debate
By John Dickerson, Sept. 17

Notes: We compiled the 200 articles published in September with the most unique visitor traffic, then ranked those articles by the length of time spent on the page per unique visitor. Ranking omits Dear Prudence articles and videos. The amount of time a visitor spends on a page isn’t necessarily a measure of active reading time.

The Three Most Popular Dear Prudence Articles

Three Important Questions You Asked Google

Ranking of articles Slate published before 2015 that received the highest volumes of traffic from Google in September.

You Versus Everyone Else

Total time an average visitor spent on the Slate home page in September: nine minutes.

Total time an average Slate Plus member spent on the home page in September: 17 minutes.

What You Missed, According to Three Slate Editors

The best story we published in September that didn’t make any of these lists? Here’s what our editors said.

Senior editor Jonathan Fischer thinks this piece could transform the way you think about video games.

Future Tense editor Torie Bosch hopes you’ll make yourself aware of the danger of black boxes run amok.

And senior editor Jeremy Stahl wants you to learn how to write the consummate Roger Federer think piece.