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Slate Fare
March 19 2013 11:55 AMAsk Troy Patterson AnythingSlate’s Gentleman Scholar is taking your questions on Reddit.
Feb. 25 2013 4:11 PMWe’re Looking for Summer InternsIf you love Slate, maybe you should apply.
Feb. 22 2013 5:33 AMTry Slate’s New, Improved iPad App!Now it lets you comment, and more.
Jan. 25 2013 5:32 PMAsk Hanna Rosin AnythingThe End of Men author and DoubleX co-founder is taking your questions on Reddit.
Jan. 16 2013 10:51 AMAsk David Plotz AnythingSlate’s editor will be answering your questions on Reddit.
Dec. 28 2012 4:49 PMSlate’s 2012 LongreadsA crisis in American walking; the rise and fall of Prog Rock, the origins of Free To Be You and Me, and more.
Dec. 27 2012 10:18 AMSlate Is Looking for a Tech BloggerIf you love writing about social media, robots, and technology policy, we want to hear from you.
Nov. 29 2012 5:24 PMAsk Prudence AnythingSlate’s Emily Yoffe will be taking your questions on Reddit.
Nov. 12 2012 6:30 AMIntroducing Bad Astronomy and The VaultThe best science blog in the galaxy moves to Slate, and we also launch a new history blog.
Nov. 5 2012 6:33 AMSlate VotesWhy our staff and contributors are telling you which presidential candidate they’re supporting.
Oct. 4 2012 4:46 PMKatie Roiphe Live!Come see the Slate columnist in New York on Oct. 10.
Sept. 24 2012 1:45 PMA Paid InternshipWe’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades traffic and social media intern.
Aug. 21 2012 6:53 PMWork at SlateWe’re looking for a blogger/editor for our video team.
Aug. 20 2012 10:30 AMIntroducing the New SlatestWe’re improving our news blog to make it better than ever.
June 12 2012 12:37 PMSlate Joins PinterestCheck out our new boards.
March 8 2013 11:45 AMSlate at SXSWWhere to see Emily Bazelon, David Haglund, Dan Kois, and Farhad Manjoo.
Feb. 22 2013 1:32 PMAsk Emily Bazelon AnythingThe Sticks and Stones author is taking your questions on Reddit.
Feb. 15 2013 2:30 PMLove Writing and Photography? Intern at Slate.We're looking for an art lover to work on our Behold blog.
Jan. 18 2013 1:57 PMEditorial Job at SlateWe’re looking for a technology and business editor.
Jan. 7 2013 2:12 PMDouble X Is Looking for Spring InternsAre you the perfect fit?
Dec. 28 2012 1:03 PMSlate’s Most Read StoriesThe most popular articles of 2012.
Dec. 13 2012 9:00 AMIntern at SlateWe're looking for a data reporting, interactives, and visualizations intern.
Nov. 13 2012 11:25 AMWe’re Looking for Spring InternsIf you love Slate, maybe you should apply.
Nov. 8 2012 5:42 PMSlate Seeks Editorial AssistantWe're hiring!
Oct. 5 2012 10:59 PMAnnouncing the Cartoonist Studio PrizeA brand-new comics award from the Slate Book Review and the Center for Cartoon Studies.
Sept. 26 2012 1:45 PMWork at SlateWe’re looking for a creative project manager for our sales and marketing team.
Sept. 20 2012 5:50 PMHang Up and Listen Live!Come see our show in Washington, D.C., on Monday, Oct. 1.
Aug. 21 2012 4:15 PMIntroducing Social Reading on SlateA great new way for you and your Facebook friends to share your favorite articles.
Aug. 1 2012 4:15 PMHanna Rosin vs. David PlotzYou’re invited: Come see Slate’s editor interview his wife (and DoubleX co-founder) about her new book, The End of Men.
May 30 2012 5:12 PMThe Best New BooksTop picks from the Slate Book Review.