Slate's Greatest Hits

Slate's Greatest Hits

Slate's Greatest Hits

How to get the electronic books we've published.
Oct. 24 2001 7:44 PM

Slate's Greatest Hits

The best of our first five years; plus Bushisms, The Road to Chadville, and other downloads.

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Slate's Greatest Hits: The Best of Our First Five Years When it launched on June 24, 1996, Slate set out to publish smart, witty, provocative journalism that uses the Web inventively. We've changed a lot since then, but we like to think we're still doing just that. It is in this spirit that we offer Slate's Greatest Hits: The Best of Our First Five Years, a collection of 30 articles, including:

  • Dispatches From the1997 Presidential Inauguration, by Karenna Gore
  • "Internet Envy," by Michael Kinsley
  • "Go ahead—sleep with your kids," by Robert Wright
  • "Martin Scorsese: The vicar of cinema," by A.O. Scott
  • The Good Word: "Airline English—Why flight attendants talk like that," by Cullen Murphy

Plus much more from your favorite Slate writers.

Price: $2.95

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The Magic of Reading

"How can you have a paperless office, when reading on the computer screen is so awful? We are about to break through that barrier. And everything will change when we do." In this 1999 white paper, Microsoft researcher Bill Hill—who has spent more than 15 years studying typography and reading—lays out the ideas that led to the creation of the Microsoft Reader platform for electronic books. But Hill does more than that: He also explains why we read, how we read, and how we can revolutionize the act of reading on a computer screen. (Note: The Magic of Reading was written in 1999, which is why it refers to various technologies that didn't exist at the time but have since been developed. It also contains some graphics that look best when viewed on a desktop or laptop PC.)

Price: Free.