Searching For Saddam
Searching For Saddam

Searching for Saddam

Why social network analysis hasn't led us to Osama Bin Laden.

Feb. 25 2010 6:44 AMSearching for SaddamClosing in on the "Fat Man."
Feb. 23 2010 7:39 AMSaddam Hussein's Private Photo AlbumThese 10 rare family pictures helped lead to the Iraqi dictator's capture.
Feb. 22 2010 8:06 AMSearching for SaddamA five-part series on how the U.S. military used social networking to capture the Iraqi dictator.
Feb. 24 2010 6:57 AMSearching for SaddamThe two most important people in Saddam's network of protectors.
Feb. 23 2010 7:35 AMSearching for SaddamSaddam had a lot of bodyguards. Which one was hiding him?