Roads & Kingdoms
Roads & Kingdoms

Europe’s Waiting Room

The Syrian civil war has turned Edirne, Turkey, back into the waystation for refugees that it was nearly a century ago.

July 24 2015 9:01 AMTrouble in UtopiaIndia’s Auroville was envisioned as an international community free of government, money, religion, and strife. It hasn’t exactly worked out quite as planned.
July 10 2015 9:09 AMThe Strongest Man in IndiaHow Manoj Chopra went from male beauty contests and fistfights to flipping cars and inspiring millions of Indians.
June 19 2015 3:43 PMLand of Pork and HoneyYoung foodies and immigrants are defying Israel’s deepest culinary taboo.
June 5 2015 9:01 AMIsland in a StormA conflict between the government and indigenous people threatens one of Brazil’s most unique national parks.
May 22 2015 9:27 AMMarooned in the DesertSixty-seven years after the Arab-Israeli War, 3,000 Palestinians remain forgotten and stateless in rural Egypt.
May 8 2015 9:01 AMAftershocksA reporter reflects on the grim reality of covering the Nepal earthquake.
April 17 2015 9:03 AMKashmir’s Heroin HighwayThe war-torn region has become a major narcotics trafficking route, sparking a new Indian drug epidemic.
April 3 2015 9:12 AMThe Ukrainian SerengetiBordering war-torn Crimea, the world’s oldest steppe reserve—home to zebras, buffaloes, and wildebeests—fights for survival.
March 20 2015 9:01 AMBabylon Backs DownWhat will the decriminalization of marijuana mean for Jamaica’s Rastafarians?
March 6 2015 9:01 AMEgyptian RuinsA year after its destruction, Cairo’s Museum of Islamic Art remains a bombed-out shell.
Feb. 20 2015 10:00 AMAustralia’s Temple of WeirdA controversial museum funded by an eccentric millionaire, featuring a poo machine and the chocolate-coated entrails of a suicide bomber, has bolstered tourism in Tasmania, much to critics’ dismay.
Feb. 6 2015 9:09 AMSouth Africa’s Tower of DreamsThe tallest apartment building in Africa was built as a modernist tribute to apartheid. Now it’s something far more important.
Jan. 23 2015 9:09 AMThe New Gin CrazeCenturies of mediocrity gave gin a bad name. But now, liquor stores are stocked with brands boasting funky names and one-of-a-kind botanical blends.
Jan. 9 2015 10:15 AMThe Weird and Wonderful World of Korean PizzaSweet potato crust, fig and snail toppings, strawberry and cream cheese: Seoul’s pizza-makers aren’t afraid to experiment.
Dec. 19 2014 9:01 AMKing of the DumpHow a trash heap in Thailand became the scene of a philanthropic turf war.
July 17 2015 12:29 PMSlow Boat to YemenWith thousands fleeing the war-torn country, getting in isn’t that easy. 
June 26 2015 8:04 AMThe Lonely EndIn aging Japan, thousands die alone and unnoticed every year. Toru Koremura is there to clean up what they leave behind.
June 12 2015 12:12 PMSaint of SardinesOn the eve of Lisbon, Portugal’s annual sardine-and-beer bacchanal, St. Anthony’s Day, Cara Parks looks at the uncertain future of a celebrated fish.
May 29 2015 2:25 PMMinistry of RapIn Castro’s Cuba, even hip-hop is state-run.
May 15 2015 9:09 AMHostage CampInside the strange world of kidnap and ransom survival schools.
May 1 2015 9:01 AMSci-Fi CityDubai’s Comic Con draws 50,000 fans and cult figures like William Shatner and Gillian Anderson. But the real attraction is the futuristic city’s homegrown talent.
April 10 2015 9:12 AMSheikh of the SkiesTo curtail a growing pigeon problem, Dubai is turning to an ancient bird of prey.
March 27 2015 3:16 PMTroubled WatersWhy Africa’s largest lake is in grave danger.
March 13 2015 9:05 AMAfter the CrashIn the Ukrainian town where Flight MH17 was blown out of the sky, 90 percent of adults are out of work, and young men drink vodka on airplane seats.
Feb. 27 2015 9:01 AMSoccer and Tear GasAn amateur team in Turkish Kurdistan competes against a backdrop of police violence and a moribund peace process.
Feb. 13 2015 9:08 AMColombia’s Bloom BoomOn farms outside Bogotá, Valentine’s Day is less hearts and kisses and more big bucks and sore backs.
Jan. 30 2015 9:09 AMEverybody in Uganda Is Kung Fu FightingA rising generation of young martial artists are hoping to drop kick their way onto the big screen.
Jan. 16 2015 9:18 AMShanghai on the NileEgypt’s revolution (and counter-revolution) hasn’t stopped an influx of Chinese, who bring with them a rich and delicious culinary heritage.
Jan. 2 2015 2:11 PMAustralia’s Brothel BoomAs the country’s mining industry expands, so does its sex trade. 
Dec. 12 2014 8:08 AMShow Me the YuanSuperagent Sheng Li wants to bring Hollywood-style talent management to Chinese sports.