The new James Bond.

The new James Bond.

The new James Bond.

Running thoughts on movies and their makings.
Oct. 11 2005 5:03 PM

For Your Eyes Only

A preview of the new James Bond.

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In The Mother (2003): "Flush with sexual pleasure, [Anne] Reid's May confesses to Darren [Daniel Craig, as a studly carpenter]: 'I thought no one would ever touch me again, apart from the undertaker,' and we're with her, completely. Then she's watching her lover with her daughter, Paula, and the possessive fury in her eyes is, well, unmotherly: I want. I want. I want. This is an astoundingly discomfiting performance—realistic but mythic—and it's matched, note for note, by Craig's tenderhearted opportunist."

In Enduring Love (2004): "Daniel Craig—a sniveling weasel in Road to Perdition, a broodingly self-absorbed Ted Hughes in Sylvia, a feckless stud in The Mother—shows off his uncanny versatility by making Joe a bespectacled intellectual at arm's length from his own life."


In The Jacket (2005): "Daniel Craig overacts like mad as a fellow inmate, but his transformation is so astounding (in the last few years, he has played the spineless son of Paul Newman in Road to Perdition, the dark rogue Ted Hughes in Sylvia, and the haunted writer in Enduring Love) that I didn't even recognize him; he seems to be able to alter his features along with his voice and posture." … 1:34 p.m.

David Edelstein is the chief film critic for New York magazine and a film critic for NPR’s Fresh Air.