Reel Time
Reel Time

Blood From Stones

Riches in The Family Stone and  wretchedness in The Producers.

Dec. 15 2005 5:01 PMDonkey KongsYour film critic defends himself from charges of knee-jerk liberalism and racism.
Dec. 2 2005 4:00 PMGirl FlightAeon Flux doesn't suck
Nov. 11 2005 11:17 AMSilver ShowersSarah Silverman's great geysers of filth.
Oct. 21 2005 4:58 PMIn the Mood for MooCow eyes and little else in Steve Martin's Shopgirl.
Oct. 7 2005 2:52 PM24-Carrot BlissWallace & Gromit cheese off a Were-Rabbit, Clooney has a Good Night, and Baumbach harpoons a squid and a whale.
Sept. 23 2005 12:45 PMSome Children Left BehindKids get the shaft in Flightplan and Oliver Twist
Sept. 8 2005 6:07 PMMan OverboardJackson and Levy play dumb; plus, the blithe idiocy of Bob Denver.
Aug. 11 2005 6:39 PMBugging OutIn praise of the tantalizing beauties of Junebug. 
July 29 2005 1:56 PMRemake My DayNew singers, new songs on The Bad News Bears,and The Beat That My Heart Skipped 
July 7 2005 8:21 PMDark Water Runs Deep; Fantastic Four Ain'tA marvelous horror and a horrible Marvel
July 3 2005 2:03 PMGirls, Uncorrupted and Compromised as HellAlice Wu's delightful Saving Face and the moving The Girl in the Café. Plus, entertaining Judy Miller.
June 16 2005 5:38 PMChristmas in JulyIn praise of Miranda July's sublime Me and You and Everyone We Know
June 7 2005 1:14 PMDeeply Felt—or Holbrook?The nebulous center of All the President's Men.
May 20 2005 8:09 PMHell Is Other PeoplePaul Schrader's Exorcist prequel, Mark Wexler's Haskell memoir, plus a new reader contest
May 6 2005 11:42 AMPsycho Killer, Qu'Est-Ce Que C'est?House of Wax would be grotesque even without Paris Hilton, plus Funny Ha Ha is a haunting original.
Dec. 9 2005 6:22 PMKimono DragonsOnly the bitchery clicks in Memoirs of a Geisha. Plus, a splendidly intimate Narnia. 
Nov. 18 2005 1:23 PMThe Living GallCraig Lucas' hateful Dying Gaul. Plus, Walk the Line never wobbles.
Oct. 28 2005 3:46 PMLaugh Laugh Scream ScreamThe Legend of Zorro and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang teeter deftly between giggles and thrills. Plus, Mr. Sulu and The Weather Man.
Oct. 11 2005 5:03 PMFor Your Eyes OnlyA preview of the new James Bond.
Sept. 30 2005 1:04 PMFire, Fly With MeFlipping for Joss Whedon's Serenity and Carroll Ballard's Duma.
Sept. 16 2005 2:43 PMDeath Becomes HimTim Burton's gorgeous nightmares, plus penguin love.
Aug. 29 2005 3:14 PMDrive-in DelightsSkeletons and virgins are even better outdoors.
Aug. 4 2005 3:08 PMHazzard PayoffThese Dukes are made for crashing. Plus dead rockers and life-affirming penguins. 
July 20 2005 11:12 AMTreat or Trick?Hustle & Flow is mostly jive. Plus, a Bay window on The Island, and Spielberg's 9/11.
July 5 2005 1:19 PMProgramming the Slammer Film FestivalReaders choose the most enlightening fare for Judith Miller.
June 23 2005 7:15 PMSam I'm NotNora Ephron's Bewitched is a weak brew.
June 8 2005 11:38 AMJolie GoodAngelina and Brad bask in each other's starlight. Plus, Remembering Anne Bancroft.
May 27 2005 8:13 AMToy BoyAdam Sandler can't support the shoulder pads in The Longest Yard, plus readers choose the oddest cinematic couplings.
May 13 2005 8:19 AMDoggy StyleJet Li is a sweetie monster in Unleashed, and we're still fonda Fonda in Monster-in-Law.
April 21 2005 4:09 PMDa-Doo Enron-Ron plus Critic for Sale!Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room delivers smarting blows.