Reel Time
Reel Time
April 15 2005 4:08 PMAmity and EnmityViolence, Violations, and Kung Fu Hustles
March 31 2005 3:54 PMCinematic Comedy CARE Package, plus Lipstick and DynamiteWhat readers would most like Woody Allen to watch--lady wrestlers?
March 16 2005 8:51 AMTwist and PoutReaders in a twist over twist endings, plus TheRing Two.
March 4 2005 4:03 PMNot CoolF. Gary Gray's lame sequel to Get Shorty; plus, The Jacket.
Feb. 18 2005 4:28 PMDo You Feel Holy, Punk?Keanu Reeves in Constantine. Plus, Imaginary Heroes.
Jan. 28 2005 3:25 PMBeating Up BabyClint Eastwood, in the line of fire; plus, Hide and Seek.
Dec. 29 2004 11:29 AMOver Here, Oscar!The Sea Inside, The Woodsman, Hotel Rwanda, The Assassination of Richard Nixon.
Dec. 17 2004 8:07 PMWings of DesireMartin Scorsese joins the mile-high club in The Aviator.
Nov. 24 2004 11:54 AMReaders Picks for Best BiopicsPlus, more on the genre.
Nov. 5 2004 5:45 PMWhat's It All About?Alfie:a dry, anachronistic remake.
Oct. 22 2004 4:09 PMVengeful Wraiths and Starving ActorsPlus, the answer to a reader question.
April 4 2005 6:04 PMTunnel VisionKontroll, a flashy Hungarian subway sort-of thriller
March 25 2005 10:57 AMThe Human ComedyCan we send Woody Allen a comedy CARE package? Plus, Miss Congeniality 2.
March 11 2005 2:37 PMClanks a MillionRobots plus Millions, In My Country, Hostage, The Upside of Anger, and a new reader contest!
Feb. 25 2005 5:44 PMTarantino With a Social ConscienceJan Hrebejk's Up and Down; plus, Diary of a Mad Black Woman.
Feb. 11 2005 5:30 PMArthur Miller, 1915-2005Plus, will Gil Cates ban Oscar acceptance speeches?
Jan. 18 2005 6:41 PMOfficers DownThe lousy remake of Assault on Precinct 13.
Dec. 21 2004 3:53 PMJoel Schumacher's SymphonyPlus, Lemony Snicket, Meet the Fockers, and the very, very last word on biopics.
March 3 2011 6:14 PMAnother Biopic Contest!Plus, Steven Soderbergh's dopey Ocean's Twelve.
Nov. 12 2004 5:51 PMStraight on Till NeverlandPlus, more reader mail on The Incredibles.
Oct. 29 2004 8:05 PMBush's Gift to American CulturePlus, Jamie Foxx's Ray.
Oct. 11 2004 4:10 PMJane Fonda's War RecordPlus, wingers respond to Team America.