How Alex Rodriguez inched toward humanity.

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Feb. 7 2009 3:34 PM

The Baseball Player as Android

How Alex Rodriguez inched toward humanity.

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Boras was marginalized but not altogether absent. As of this writing, he is said to be finalizing parts of the contract. But it was clear, to borrow a term from the former co-owner of the Texas Rangers, who the "decider" was in this negotiation. And even if Rodriguez had merely dumped Boras to genuflect before Warren Buffet, an even more rapacious capitalist, he at least showed some temerity in making that decision. By speaking out, A-Rod showed that beneath his robotic exterior lurks a real player and a real human, one who values "comfort, stability, and happiness," as he put it in a message on his Web site. For once, Scott Boras had no immediate response.

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