Rats to Dubya
Rats to Dubya
Sept. 18 2000 12:47 AM

Rats to Dubya

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Reno: "Pathetic Old Woman"


Janet Reno is a disaster. She was a poor appointment, she is a pathetic old woman. I feel sorry for her because she's ill, but she gets these terrible cases all the way from Waco to this [the Lee case], and she says, "Well, we've acted on the basis of the law and the evidence." She never says anything, and she gets a soft press out of it. She's a disgrace.

--Bob Novak (CG)

Last Words

Well, certainly I was wrong earlier this summer in thinking that Al Gore, some of his negative ratings, his personal ratings, the fact that people didn't like him very much were harder, more fixed than they have turned out to be. Al Gore has achieved something I didn't think he could do this fast, which was to change his personal rating so quickly.

--Paul Gigot (NH)

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