Rotten eggs, Libyan spies, and renditions revealed: This week's top MuckReads from ProPublica

Rotten eggs, Libyan spies, and renditions revealed: This week's top MuckReads from ProPublica

Rotten eggs, Libyan spies, and renditions revealed: This week's top MuckReads from ProPublica

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Sept. 2 2011 2:55 PM

Rotten Eggs, Libyan Spies, and Renditions Revealed

This week's top MuckReads from ProPublica.

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Here are this week's top must-read stories from  MuckReads, ProPublica's ongoing collection of the best watchdog journalism. Anyone can contribute by tweeting a link to a story and just including the hashtag #MuckReads or by sending an email to The best submissions are selected by ProPublica's editors and reporters and then featured on our site  and  @ProPublica.

Egg farmers are not being held to federal standards
Egg farmers are not being held to federal standards

Egg Farms Rack Up Violations, Des Moines Register
Last year, salmonella-tainted eggs from Iowa farms made 1,900 people sick and led to a nationwide egg recall. Now, public records show Iowa egg producers still aren't being held to federal standards—they're not even required to tell government officials if they find salmonella on their farms. See all #MuckReads on food and food safety

N.Y. Billing Dispute Reveals Details of Secret CIA Rendition Flights, Washington Post
A New York court case offers a glimpse into the inner workings of a secretive CIA program to shuttle suspected terrorists to overseas prisons. As the Associated Press noted, State Department letters authorizing the flights may have been signed by an official who doesn't actually exist.
Contributed by @dafnalinzer

Who helped Qaddafi?
Who helped Qaddafi?

Firms Aided Libyan Spies, Wall Street Journal
A French technology firm helped Muammar Qaddafi spy on Libyans. They provided the tools for monitoring emails and online chats. Contributed by @srubenfeld

House Freshmen Push Bills that Benefit Big Donors, USA Today
A review of legislative and campaign records shows that recently elected members of Congress are pushing bills that would benefit the industries that have donated the most to their campaigns.
Contributed by @rlocker12

Is Homeland Security Spending Paying Off?Los Angeles Times
State and local governments spend about $75 billion a year on domestic security , but what is that money actually going to? The Los Angeles Times examines some of the more questionable purchases.
Contributed by @michaelgrabell

Automation in the Air Dulls Pilot Skill, Associated Press
Pilots and safety experts worry that automated planes are making pilots forget how to fly. Fatal airplane accidents have decreased overall in the UnitedStates, but when trouble does hit, pilots are often making the wrong moves. 
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State Paid Sex Offenders as Baby Sitters, Chicago Tribune
An Illinois program that provides child care to low-income families has been doing a poor job screening its employees for years, putting children in contact with rapists and other violent offenders.
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Patients Flimflammed Out of Their Prostheses?  Star Tribune
A Minnesota doctor is under investigation by the FBI for convincing patients to replace their top-quality prosthetic limbs and selling them on eBay.
Contributed by @charlesornstein

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