Rupert Murdoch is a paper tiger.

Media criticism.
July 8 2011 7:05 PM

Rupert Murdoch, Paper Tiger

The phone-hacking scandal undoes the media mogul.

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If there are anywhere near 4,000 phone-hacking cases, as one senior detective says, Murdoch could be bleeding slowly for as long as he lives. He no longer enjoys the friendship of the people he bought and has learned the hard way that real power is constrained by the truth. Like some discredited god, all the potency once ascribed to him is evaporating. The paper tiger is on fire.


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Corrections, July 9, 2011: The original version of this article mistakenly called the Press Complaints Commission the Public Complaints Commission. (Return to the corrected sentence.) It also mistakenly stated that Les Hinton is editor of the Wall Street Journal. He is publisher. (Return to the corrected sentence.)

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