Who I follow—and don't follow—on Twitter and why.

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June 16 2011 7:01 PM

Who I Follow on Twitter and Why

And who I don't follow on Twitter and why.

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I naturally follow all (but one) of Slate'swriters and editorswho have Twitter feeds. In the selfless spirit of Jim Roberts, I'm not going to list their handles. If you want to follow them, you can look them up. (Who don't I follow? David Plotz! On principle! I don't even listen to him. Who but a suck-up follows his editor?) I also don't follow Dave Winer or @pourmecoffee or Jay Rosen or Jeff Jarvis, not because they're bad at Twitter but because all of their best tweets are retweeted.

For politics, I keep it simple: Nick Confessore for the Albany freak show, Ben Smith for the dish, Ken Vogel for the unexpected, and Mike Allen for Mike Allen.

For pure sass, I depend on Heather Havrilesky, Foster Kamer, Kate Aurthur, Michael Wolff, the H.L. Mencken bot, Nancy Franklin, and hashtag recidivist Ben Schwartz. On bile, we've got Chris Lehmann, ladies and gentlemen!

For long-form journalism, I consult longform.org.


The most delightful of my Twitter companions are the polymaths. The top polymath is Felix Salmon, who pretends to cover Wall Street and business but whose real beat is the world. My other polymaths are Oliver Morton, Mark Frauenfelder, Virginia Heffernan, Bryan Curtis, Nate Silver, Ta-Nehisi CoatesChris Shea, Brendan I. Koerner, Tim Harford, Kurt Andersen, and James Fallows, who was wrong about Japan and someday will admit it.

I'm leaving many fine Twitter specimens off this list, in part because I've gone on too long already but primarily because their voices don't fit in any of the boxes above. Take, for example, Gene Weingarten. It's hard to beat Weingarten for excremental wisdom. And he has the best Twitter avatar this side of Human Centipede.


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Correction, June 17, 2010: This article originally misspelled Laura Rozen's last name. (Return to the corrected sentence.)