Fired journalists take shots at their former bosses.

Fired journalists take shots at their former bosses.

Fired journalists take shots at their former bosses.

Media criticism.
June 7 2011 6:19 PM

"I Would Have Loved To Piss on Your Shoes," Part 2

More F.U. gestures directed at bosses by journalists who were fired or resigned.

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"You will!" said Marks.
—Source: New York Observer, July 2002

"To the fine folks at CBS News who fired me after a couple of decades, and then wrote me a—issued me—a short-term day-pass, so I could do a spot of piecework for them, I would like to say, must ring all the eloquence for which we writers are famous, pffffftth! Don't misunderstand, I don't say pffffftth! bitterly. I say pffffftth! philosophically. Anyway, the sum total is, with very few exceptions, I do thank you all."
Peter Freundlich, upon accepting an Emmy in 2001 for his writing for CBS Sunday Morning.

"I needed to separate myself from the Las Vegas showgirls with ornate nipples in the [New Yorker]. I don't blame [editor] Tina Brown. She's just scared like anyone else working for the Conde Nast empire."
Jamaica Kincaid, former New Yorker writer, who resigned from The New Yorker in September 1995, quoted in the Albany Times Union, February 1996.

"For you to kiss the ass of celebrity culture at this moment that way is like selling your soul to get close to the Hapsburgs—in 1913," wrote longtime New Yorker writer George W.S. Trow to New Yorker editor Tina Brown, deploring the pop turn the magazine had taken. Brown's response, as reported in the April 1995 American Journalism Review:"I am distraught at your defection, but since you never actually write anything, I should say I am notionally distraught."


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