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May 25 2011 6:53 PM

Bloomberg, Phew!

The Bloomberg enterprise makes a weak-kneed entrance into the editorial-page and op-ed derby.

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Bloomberg at his worst is never as bad as Hearst was. Bloomberg made his fortune, Hearst inherited his. Bloomberg has been a successful politician, Hearst was a disaster—his only victorious political campaign was in a U.S. House of Representatives contest after Democratic Party bosses gave him the nomination for a safe seat. Bloomberg is mild-mannered, Hearst was a raver. Bloomberg View runs Peter R. Orszag and Jonathan Alter as columnists. The unreasonable Hearst had Mussolini and Hitler on the payroll as columnists, writes David Nasaw in The Chief: The Life of William Randolph Hearst, but Hitler "fell out of favor" with Hearst "because he was terrible at hitting deadlines."

Say what you will about Hearst, he took sides instead of pretending that there were none. Few publications or websites ever live up to their prelaunch expectations, and many get better after a throat clearing. But based on my limited sampling of the young site, I'd rather go blind than look at a world made whole through the Bloomberg View.



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