The press spooks its readers about increased gun purchases.
The press spooks its readers about increased gun purchases.
Media criticism.
Nov. 13 2008 6:26 PM

Crazy About Guns

The press spooks its readers about increased gun purchases.

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Many gun enthusiasts worry that the Obama administration and Democratic Congress will reinstitute the ban and pass other restrictive legislation. Although Obama supports "common sense" gun laws, his idea of what constitutes common sense differs from that of most gun owners. Consider:

The Chicago Tribune reports that as "an Illinois state legislator [Obama] voted to support a ban on semiautomatic assault weapons and tighter restrictions on all firearms. He has said in the past that he opposes allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons."

The AP reports that as a U.S. senator, "Obama voted to leave gun-makers and dealers open to lawsuits."

According to the Anchorage Daily News, "the pro-gun control Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence endorsed Obama and called his win Tuesday 'a major victory.' "


If a genuine run on guns exists, whose fault is it? Blame Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden, a well-known "assault weapon" foe. Paradoxically, if Obama wanted to end the purported run on guns, he could do so by opposing any new regulations.

I'd love to see a spate of stories exploring that line.


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