The New Yorker'scover illustration of the Obamas wigs out the chattering classes.

Media criticism.
July 14 2008 7:21 PM

The New Yorker Draws Fire

Barry Blitt's cover illustration of the Obamas wigs out the chattering classes.

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Only weak thinkers fear strong images. The publication that convenes itself as a polite dinner party, serving only polenta and pureed peas, need not invite me to sup.



Richard Wright's epiphany after reading H.L. Mencken's Book of Prefaces in 1927: "Yes, this man was fighting, fighting with words. He was using words as a weapon, using them as one would use a club. Could words be weapons? Well, yes for here they were. Then, maybe, perhaps, I could use them as a weapon?" Send quotations to (E-mail may be quoted by name in "The Fray," Slate's readers' forum, in a future article, or elsewhere unless the writer stipulates otherwise. Permanent disclosure: Slate is owned by the Washington Post Co.)

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