If you don't buy this newspaper, we'll shoot your democracy.
If you don't buy this newspaper, we'll shoot your democracy.
Media criticism.
Oct. 23 2006 7:07 PM

If You Don't Buy This Newspaper …

We'll shoot your democracy.

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Why do so many journalists inflate the importance of their role in our culture? Well, dentists brag about the miracle of dentistry, don't they? I suspect that the egotistical proclamations of journalists really mask the low esteem they hold for the total product they produce. If you fillet the average daily newspaper—cutting out the sports section, the comics, the crossword, the horoscope, the opinion pages, the entertainment coverage, and the special sections devoted to home, dining, medicine, travel, cars, real estate, and TV listings—relatively little of the democracy-enhancing, life-sustaining reportage they boast about actually gets printed.



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