Dec. 4 2009 12:52 PMAsk Doctor Kildare, Part 1Introducing an occasional series answering real questions from fake people about the Senate floor debate on Obamacare.
Nov. 30 2009 7:09 PMWill Health Reform Lower Premiums?Yes and no, says the Congressional Budget Office.
Nov. 27 2009 7:37 AMPsst: The House's Health Bill Is CheaperCBO changes its mind about the Pelosi bill's cost.
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Dec. 2 2009 6:36 PMForget the Cost CurveCurbing medical inflation is no longer a plausible reason to pass health reform.
Nov. 25 2009 6:42 PMGun Nuts Against Health ReformHow the gun lobby groped its way into the Obamacare debate.
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