What Politico deletes from its articles without telling anyone.

Who's winning, who's losing, and why.
July 20 2010 3:56 PM

Politico Incorrect

What the politics Web site deletes from its articles without telling anyone.

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C orrection, July 20, 6:45 p.m.: This article originally misquoted Politico Deputy Managing Editor Tim Grieve as referring to a "substantial rework" of an earlier piece. His phrase was "substantially reworked." ( Return  to the corrected sentence.) The article also stated that Politico appended corrections to six of the articles we showed them. By the time this article was published, Politico had appended corrections to most of the offending articles. ( Return  to the corrected sentence or view the updated sidebar.)   A previous version of this article also incorrectly stated that Politico had originally incorrectly stated that Howard Kurtz published the first report of sexual-harassment allegations against Al Gore. Rather, Politico had incorrectly stated Kurtz published the first Washington Post report of the allegations, a mistake which Politico editors later corrected.