Fred Malek's anti-Semitic past makes him unfit to chair a state government panel.
Fred Malek's anti-Semitic past makes him unfit to chair a state government panel.
Who's winning, who's losing, and why.
May 21 2010 7:15 PM

What's the Matter With Virginia? Part 2

Fred Malek's anti-Semitic past makes him unfit to chair a state government panel.

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The Jan. 2010 documents include a July 26 memo from Malek to a White House aide named Dan Kingsley to which Malek has attached a list denoting the names, ages, and length of government service for 13 employees of the BLS. These are almost certainly the 13 people Malek identified to Haldeman as Jews in a memo he wrote the following day. These 13 people have not previously been named. They include Burdetsky, Goldstein, Henle, and Greenberg, the four BLS employees Malek identified in the Sept. 8 memo as having been demoted. The others are: Thomas W. Gavett, Joseph Goldberg, Donald Keuch, Henry Lowenstern, Jerome Mark, Herbert Morton, Joel Popkin, William Shelton, and Kenneth Van Auken. Malek told Woodward and Pincus that he had no idea whether these people were actually Jewish; he simply identified them as having Jewish-sounding names. (I have no idea why Malek would have thought "Gavett," "Shelton," and "Van Auken" sounded Semitic. Weak Jewdar, I guess; or maybe mine is weak.)

The Nixon Library documents also include a July 30 memo to Haldeman from Kingsley ("through" Malek, who signed it) explaining that although the earlier (July 27) Jew-counting memo said the BLS housed 13 Jews, they were now revising their estimate to 19. The identities of the additional six suspected Jews are not revealed. In this memo Kingsley rather ham-handedly lists the 19 under the heading "NUMBER OF ETHNICS," then further gives the game away in a scribbled cover note to Malek: "Obviously, the interpretation of 'ethnic' should be narrow in this case!" Well, duh. (Malek's own earlier memo to Haldeman more delicately referred to the Jews as fitting "the other demographic criterion that was discussed." Malek confirmed to Woodward and Pincus that he meant Jews.)


Kingsley, incidentally, published in 1984 a book titled How To Fire An Employee.

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