Slate's unauthorized index of Sarah Palin's autobiography, Going Rogue.

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Nov. 17 2009 10:52 PM

The Going Rogue Index

Sarah Palin didn't put an index in her book. So we made one for her.

When Sarah Palin's 413-page autobiography, Going Rogue: An American Life, hit stands Tuesday, readers discovered the governor's most mavericky move yet: The book lacks an index. So Slate has compiled its own. Just print out this index, paste it into the back of your copy, and start skipping around! (And, yes, the page numbers are real.)


Alaska ________ autumn bouquet of, 1 ________ robin's egg sky of, 2 ________ superiority to Lower 48 of, 1-413

Baldwin, Alec
________preference for Stephen over, 314

Biden, Joe
________gaffes of, 278
________pre-debate stretching regimen of, 296
________accidental reference to as "Sen. O'Biden," 289

blinking, not, 198

Blitzer, Wolf
________approval of mother of, 351
________implicit disapproval of, 351

Builder, Tito the, 305

Bono, nondescript conversation with, 301

books and magazines, references to
________A Conflict of Vision, 385
________Animal Farm, 27
________Buck, Pearl S., 180
________Bible, the, 15 
________cookbooks, 15
________Lewis, C.S., 27
________Nash, Ogden, 15
________National Geographic, 27
________Pearl, The, 27
________Ranger Rick, 27
________Reader's Digest, 15
________Seagull, Jonathan Livingston, 27
________Service, Robert, 15
________Sports Illustrated, 27
________Wonderful World of Oz, The, 16

cap and trade
________brilliant suggested renaming of as "Cap and Tax," 390
________characterization of as "environmentalist Ponzi scheme," 391