Slate's unauthorized index of Sarah Palin's autobiography, Going Rogue.

Who's winning, who's losing, and why.
Nov. 17 2009 10:52 PM

The Going Rogue Index

Sarah Palin didn't put an index in her book. So we made one for her.

(Continued from Page 9)

Wallace, Nicolle
________disloyalty of, 256
________incompetence of, 256
________friendship with Katie Couric, 272

________disdain for cost of, 230
________$150,000 price of, 314
________unfair media reaction to, 315
________absence of Palin responsibility for, 317

Warren, Rick
________praying in the shower with, 302

Wasilla, notable nicknames for
________Home of the Iditarod, 64
________Duct Tape Capital of the World, 66

________simple city hall-style of, 49
________food served at (Wendy's), 49
________cost of wedding ring ($35), 230

Wurzelbacher, Joe "the Plumber," 304-7

"you betcha" 
________revelation of as not actually Alaska's state motto, 309

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