The Reading List

Stories we liked from around the Web for the week of Nov. 23.

Nov. 19 2015 2:43 PMThe Reading ListStories we liked from around the Web for the week of Nov. 16.
Nov. 12 2015 3:31 PMThe Reading ListStories we liked from around the Web for the week of Nov. 9.
Oct. 29 2015 11:03 AMThe Reading ListStories we liked from around the Web for the week of Oct. 26.
Oct. 9 2015 11:37 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?What the magazine taught me about Joe Biden, the banality of good, and fake sounds in action flicks.
May 22 2015 11:14 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Assistant interactives editor Andrew Kahn on the best of Slate, from the history of slavery to Mad Men.
March 30 2015 11:32 AMThe “How Does a U.N. Official Work?” TranscriptWhat’s it like to manage the U.N.’s Ebola response? Read a transcript of Adam Davidson’s conversation with the assistant secretary-general for field support.
Jan. 14 2015 6:00 AMMy First Byline: Interning at the New Republic in 1986Watch Jacob Weisberg and William Saletan talk about the start of their journalism careers.
Sept. 12 2014 1:32 PMRaised on SlateA history of my favorite magazine, and a goodbye.
Aug. 11 2014 11:36 AMTwo Slate Writers Debate: Are Gay Marriage Opponents Bigots?Listen to Saletan and Stern revisit a disagreement about marriage equality and religious freedom.
July 18 2014 10:48 AMWho Cares What Happened at Slate This Week? David Plotz ignores weekly newsletter protocol, shares his favorite Slate reads of all time.
July 1 2014 10:33 AMThe Breakfast Table Out LoudListen to Dahlia Lithwick and Eric Posner consider faux-nanimity on the high court and what’s hinky about Hobby Lobby.
June 3 2014 2:15 PMSlate Voice:Why Do Millennials Not Understand Racism?”Listen to Jamelle Bouie read his most popular article from the month of May.
Nov. 13 2015 2:40 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Ben Mathis-Lilley’s advice on avoiding jet lag, high court hairstyles, and the merits of 1920s monetary policy.
Oct. 30 2015 2:15 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Home page editor Seth Maxon recaps a terrifying week. 
Oct. 16 2015 12:36 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?What Slate’s news director read when she wasn’t marshaling our coverage of the Democratic debate.
June 9 2015 2:00 PMThe Macho PrimaryWhich Republican presidential candidate is the manliest? Slate decides.
May 14 2015 9:03 AMWe Were Doing It Wrong: The Very First Political GabfestWatch Emily, John, and David review their inaugural Gabfest from 2005.
Feb. 27 2015 9:30 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Josh Keating read about making music in the Anthropocene and journeyed into the heart of coding darkness.
Dec. 12 2014 4:36 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Betsy Woodruff’s assessment of Slate’s #WarOnChristmas beat.
Aug. 19 2014 6:45 PMTaking Photos in FergusonWhat it’s like to shoot the police when it seems like the police might shoot you.
July 25 2014 6:00 AM“Skip the Commentary, Find the Reporting”How Will Saletan kept up with this week’s news from Israel and Gaza.
July 11 2014 4:09 PMThe "Why Is Hollywood Mesmerized by Washington?" Bonus SegmentIn a Slate Plus Political Gabfest bonus segment, David Plotz asks two TV writers to explain a wave of political television.
June 20 2014 6:10 PMThe Political Gabfest: The “Inside Baseball” Bonus SegmentListen to election law expert Rick Hasen explain recent court rulings that could shape 2016.