A Better Solution to America’s Immigration Problem

End birthright citizenship.

Nov. 20 2014 7:39 PMObama’s Trojan Horse?No, the president’s executive action on immigration will not create millions of Democratic voters.
Nov. 20 2014 4:23 PMThe President’s PrecedentsObama won’t be the first executive to go it alone on immigration. Does that make Republican outrage unjustified?
Nov. 20 2014 12:05 PMBanned From AmericaHow U.S. immigration policy has forced some American citizens into exile.
Nov. 19 2014 8:31 AMThe PunisherObama came into office promising to bring people together. Now he leads with his fists.
Nov. 18 2014 2:07 PMWhat Do Republicans Mean When They Say Amnesty?Hint: They don’t really know.
Nov. 14 2014 7:34 PMA War or a Skirmish?Liberals and conservatives are overplaying the significance of Obama’s action on immigration.
Nov. 14 2014 3:49 PMSix Degrees of Jonathan GruberWhy the Republicans’ anger over the MIT professor’s statements about Obamacare is politically justified.
Nov. 14 2014 2:06 PMThe Coming Immigration WarWhy Republicans are furious about the president’s threat to use executive action, and what they plan to do about it.
Nov. 12 2014 8:02 PMLess Firing, More HiringThe VA shouldn’t focus on cleaning house. What the agency needs is truckloads of doctors and nurses.
Nov. 12 2014 3:15 PMTerrorist or … Teenager?I was opinionated, sometimes defiant. I was also a young Muslim. For the FBI, that’s suspicious.
Nov. 11 2014 5:44 PMWhat Could the Democrats Have Done Differently?Not much. But what they need now is bolder economic ideas, not second-guessing.
Nov. 10 2014 9:39 PMTim Scott Will Rise AgainHe is the first black senator elected from the Deep South since Reconstruction. Why? Because he doesn’t represent black voters.
Nov. 7 2014 11:51 AMWhy Did No One Listen to Ed Gillespie?Super PACs and donors didn’t think the Republican had a chance in Virginia’s Senate race. They were wrong. 
Nov. 6 2014 7:16 PMForget the Republican MandateWhy the president could govern with the midterm election’s nonvoters in mind.​
Nov. 6 2014 1:33 PMWhat Does It Mean for Hillary?The Republicans ran the table on Election Day. What does it mean for the Democrat in waiting? 
Nov. 20 2014 4:46 PMCounting to 5 MillionThe most likely scenarios for Obama’s overhaul of the U.S. immigration system, charted.
Nov. 20 2014 1:01 PMWho’s In and Who’s Out?Obama is offering a reprieve to millions of unauthorized immigrants. Exactly who gets one will be determined by a string of wonky details.
Nov. 19 2014 10:56 AMPrepare for the WorstMissouri’s governor smears the residents of Ferguson and misunderstands the cause of last summer’s chaos.
Nov. 18 2014 3:50 PMAn Imperial President?Hardly. The smarter Republican response is to pass their own legislation, not howl in protest.
Nov. 17 2014 7:29 PMPity the RepublicansIf the GOP had partnered with President Obama, they could have watered down his immigration agenda. Instead, they will just lose. 
Nov. 14 2014 5:45 PMThe Anti-Obamacare FAQEverything you need to know about why conservatives want to repeal the president’s health care law.
Nov. 14 2014 2:55 PMWhy Democrats Can’t Win Over White Working-Class VotersThe party’s economic populism doesn’t reach that far. 
Nov. 13 2014 6:30 PMMary Landrieu’s Pipeline Pipe DreamWhy are Democrats indulging the Louisiana senator’s desperate, pointless push to fast-track Keystone XL?
Nov. 12 2014 6:08 PMThe I-WordNo, Republicans aren’t going to try to impeach President Obama. But you can’t blame Democrats for thinking they might.
Nov. 11 2014 7:18 PMHearing ImpairmentHow Loretta Lynch’s confirmation could become the next skirmish over immigration and executive action.
Nov. 11 2014 3:24 PMDefending the UnionSocial conservatives are riding high after defeating several Republicans who endorsed gay marriage. They want more.
Nov. 9 2014 11:09 PMCrazy SmartWhy the Tea Party is more savvy, sophisticated, and disciplined than you think.
Nov. 6 2014 11:33 PMThe Disunited States of AmericaGridlock is only a symptom. Why our democracy may be hardwired to fail for a generation.
Nov. 6 2014 6:04 PMPipeline PoliticsPresident Obama has been stalling on Keystone XL for years. Now he finally has to make a decision.
Nov. 5 2014 7:38 PMHow Republicans Can Get Things DoneWhat the GOP can learn from Democrats about how to govern.