We Need a War Tax

The only way for anti-interventionists to succeed is to set specific policy goals.

April 21 2017 4:33 PMRevisionist Trumpcare HistoryWhy the president, who said last month that he had given up on health care, is blasting the media for saying he gave up on health care.
April 20 2017 6:17 PMNo, There’s Still No Zombie Trumpcare DealThe president is desperate for one, though.
April 20 2017 4:42 PMDemocrats, Listen to the Resistance. Legalize Weed.The Trump administration wants to crack down on pot—but the American people overwhelmingly support marijuana legalization. Why aren’t Democrats leading the fight?
April 19 2017 8:04 PMThe Mysterious Case of the Wayward Aircraft CarrierThis is a dangerous way for the world’s most powerful military to operate.
April 19 2017 6:16 PMGeorgia’s 6th Is a Democratic WinEven if Jon Ossoff ultimately loses.
April 19 2017 2:54 PMGeorgia’s Progressive RenaissanceThings are changing in the 6th District, and there’s no going back.
April 18 2017 5:40 PMFake Working ClassThe muted response to the retail apocalypse shows which workers count in Trump’s America.
April 17 2017 6:42 PMAndrew Sullivan’s PathologyThe writer’s perpetuation of model-minority and black-deficiency myths is pretty boring at this point.
April 14 2017 1:35 PMDear Public Editor: What Are You Doing?How Liz Spayd is squandering the most important watchdog job in journalism.
April 14 2017 5:56 AMThe Family ManJared Kushner has never failed to choose blood over ideals.
April 13 2017 10:44 AMDial CongressIntroducing a Chrome extension that turns every article you read into a congressional call to action.
April 12 2017 5:41 PMDemocrats Didn’t Tank Kansas’ 4th DistrictBut the race demonstrated that the party’s central rift is not going anywhere.
April 12 2017 12:52 PMThe Battle for Trump’s BrainThe president has no Syria plan. Here’s how his advisers are competing to set the administration’s agenda.
April 10 2017 4:49 PMSteve Bannon vs. “the Democrats”Who will win the battle for the soul that Trump doesn’t have?
April 9 2017 10:13 AMTrump’s People Can’t Stop Saying How Well They Know Each OtherThe shallow, insidious rhetoric used to defend the indefensible.
April 21 2017 2:45 PMHate in AmericaAn updating list.
April 20 2017 5:32 PMDonald Trump Is Sending a MessageWhy the president invited this racist celebrity to the White House.
April 19 2017 10:22 PMThe All-Spin ZoneBill O’Reilly’s long career of transforming B.S. into “common sense.”
April 19 2017 6:24 PMThe GOP Needs New Ideas for Lowering TaxesIts new, bluer-collar base isn’t going to stand for more enriching of the already rich.
April 19 2017 5:06 PMStill a FactorO’Reilly is gone, but his ugly brand of egotism and resentment is here to stay. 
April 18 2017 8:21 PMMark Sanford Welcomes Your AbuseHow one GOP congressman is handling voter fury at his town halls.
April 18 2017 5:20 PMHated in His Own HometownJury selection for Alex Jones’ custody battle reveals the pitfalls of being a conspiracy theorist while living in Austin, Texas.
April 17 2017 4:47 PMMake Donald Trump Furious AgainGeorgia’s special election could be a devastating blow to the president.
April 14 2017 10:38 AMStumbling Toward CoherenceThe president’s recent shifts on trade policy don’t make him an economic genius. But at least he’s flip-flopping in the right direction.
April 13 2017 5:13 PMTrump’s New Health Care Plan Can Only BackfireHe’s threatening to blow up Obamacare to force Democrats to the table. That’s not how it will work.
April 12 2017 6:56 PMJared and Ivanka Are Not Good People. They Are Enablers.Also, there is no evidence that suggests they have ever actually done anything positive for the country.
April 12 2017 4:10 PMWas Kansas a Fluke?A tight special election in a deep-red district may reveal cracks in the conservative coalition.
April 11 2017 4:40 PMThe Hawks Are WinningH.R. McMaster and James Mattis are steering the Trump administration away from “America First.”
April 10 2017 2:26 PMThe Daily ShowEvery day, millions of Americans tune in to see Sean Spicer and the White House press corps face off. What are we hoping to see?
April 7 2017 6:15 PMWe Are Now Part of This WarTrump doesn’t know what he wants to do in Syria. He needs to figure it out—fast.