“I Think Trump Could Be Useful”

Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova on transgender inclusion, finding hope in dark times, and what Vladimir Putin has in common with Donald Trump.

May 24 2018 2:59 PMIt’s Time for Democrats to Turn the Tables on Health CareI lost my seat in Congress after voting for the Affordable Care Act. Democrats should run hard on protecting it this fall.
May 23 2018 6:57 PMTrump’s Favorite AnimalsDon’t buy his outrage against MS-13. He loves killers, as long as they cozy up to him.
May 23 2018 2:31 PMThe Stacey Abrams TestCan a black candidate run an unabashedly liberal campaign in 2018?
May 22 2018 7:21 PMPaul Ryan Is Cornered in the House Immigration FightHe can’t stop the moderates, but conservatives will blame him if he doesn’t.
May 22 2018 6:28 PMThe Moral Conundrum of the Trump EraShould Republicans quit and save themselves, or stay and try to save the rest of us?
May 21 2018 3:07 PMDemocrats Should Talk More About TrumpThe president’s rampant corruption should be the central issue of this year’s midterms.
May 18 2018 4:38 PMNew Trump Administration Rule Will Force Doctors to Stop Saying “Abortion”
May 17 2018 7:43 PMBackfire HurricaneThe FBI’s Russia investigation was a tangle of conflicting motives and unintended consequences.
May 17 2018 4:56 PMTrump Doesn’t Need to Explain Which Immigrants He Thinks Are “Animals”His actions tell us enough.
May 16 2018 4:55 PMLiberals, It’s Not About Being NiceThe hand-wringing about whether liberals should be more accommodating misses the point.
May 16 2018 12:26 AMProgressives Notch a Big Victory in Nebraska
May 15 2018 12:46 PMHalf EmptyDonald Trump has only delivered on half of his promise to white voters. But other Republicans are picking up the slack.
May 14 2018 1:08 PMHow to Survive Trump’s Presidency Without Losing Your MindThe world is on fire, and it has gotten oh so mundane. How do we grapple with the madness while still living our lives?
May 11 2018 4:52 PMGeorgia Law Enforcement Is DNA-Testing Fetal Remains Found In Wastewater
May 10 2018 7:10 PMThe Privilege of 911White people should call the police less. Minorities should be able to call them more.
May 24 2018 1:59 PMTaking a StandThe NFL has now sided with Donald Trump’s campaign against black political power.
May 23 2018 5:52 PMThe Four Major Questions Facing the Democratic PartyDemocrats might win the midterms. Will they lose the future?
May 23 2018 1:29 PMThe Democratic Nominee for Texas Governor Is a Lukewarm Win for Progressives
May 22 2018 7:00 PMAre Democrats Losing the Midterms?
May 22 2018 8:04 AMNegative EnergyAn Ohio legislator defied energy lobbyists. Then a “dark money” group helped sink her congressional campaign.
May 20 2018 5:56 PMHas Paul Ryan Already Lost Control of the House?It might look like it. But the Republican caucus has always acted this way.
May 18 2018 3:23 PMHow a Divisive Immigration Fight Took Down Republicans’ Farm BillThis is not how Paul Ryan wanted to spend his May.
May 17 2018 7:02 PMTrump’s AnimalsThe president has always blurred the distinction between immigrants and crime.
May 16 2018 5:43 PMThe Pennsylvania Primary Was a Big Win for Women
May 16 2018 11:19 AMStormy Daniels and “the Meaning of IsDonald Trump is using Bill Clinton’s tricks to lie about Stormy Daniels.
May 15 2018 7:40 PMManhattan DA Announces It Will No Longer Prosecute Marijuana Possession to Correct Racial Disparity in Arrests
May 15 2018 11:03 AMPlanned Parenthood Is Battling the Circuit Court That Wants to Overturn Roe
May 13 2018 9:05 PMWhat Pennsylvania’s Female Candidates Could Tell Us About the MidtermsThe state votes in its primaries Tuesday, and a record number of women are on the ballot.
May 11 2018 4:07 PMThe False Promise of Term LimitsLimiting lawmakers’ time in office only exacerbates the problems with our government.
May 10 2018 5:17 PMVirginia Woman Given a Jail Sentence for “Concealing a Dead Body” After Her Stillbirth