Hillary’s Lifeboat to the GOP

The Democratic nominee offered her rivals a way to save themselves from the catastrophe that is Donald Trump.

Aug. 25 2016 7:03 PMHillary Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech Isolated and Destroyed Donald TrumpBy definitively linking him to the alt-right, she shredded any remaining legitimacy he had with sane Republicans.
Aug. 25 2016 5:46 PMDonald Trump Just Helped Ted Cruz BiglyThe current GOP nominee is paving the way for Cruz’s 2020 bid.
Aug. 24 2016 5:50 PMThere Is No Horse RaceIt’s Clinton by a mile, with Trump praying for black swans.
Aug. 23 2016 6:25 PMTrump’s Vision of Black America Is a White Supremacist FantasyAnd his outreach to black voters is a dog whistle for racists.
Aug. 23 2016 4:10 PMDonald Trump Doesn’t Have an Immigration Policy. He Has Adjectives and Adverbs.Firm. Fair. Tremendous. Perhaps with a lot more energy.
Aug. 21 2016 8:00 PMHow the Democrats Are Failing ObamacareTheir signature legislative achievement needs a fix. It’s time for them to stop pretending everything’s fine.
Aug. 15 2016 5:21 PMDonald Trump Doesn’t Have Foreign Policy Ideas. He Has Moods.What he said in his major speech on Monday mattered less than how he said it.
Aug. 12 2016 3:06 PMThe Real Meaning of All Those Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories About Hillary’s HealthThe lunatic right is desperate for a deus ex machina.
Aug. 11 2016 5:23 PMWho Cares Who Sits Behind Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?“Optics”: the flimsiest basis for a media-driven scandal.
Aug. 10 2016 4:23 PMWhy Trump Is Moaning About the DebatesSo he has an excuse if he loses.
Aug. 9 2016 6:46 PMHillary Clinton’s Troubling Soft Spot for Henry KissingerShe is wise to welcome disaffected Republicans to her camp. But Kissinger is a bridge too far.
Aug. 8 2016 5:09 PMWhat Evan McMullin’s Ridiculous Candidacy Says About the Anti-Trump MovementEither anti-Trump Republicans don’t understand the pressures from their party’s base or they’re happy to help Hillary.
Aug. 8 2016 3:16 PMHow Trump’s “Toughness” Makes Him a Sucker for PutinHis bluster and his businessman’s approach to diplomacy have made him a tool of Russian interests.
Aug. 8 2016 3:06 PMDonald Trump Offers Stimulus for America’s Hardest WorkersThe advisers trying to make him appear human.
Aug. 5 2016 3:38 PMTrump’s Up 3! Clinton’s Up 9!Why you shouldn’t be fooled by polling bounces.
Aug. 25 2016 6:13 PMHillary Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech Was Shrewd StrategyIt was the speech GOP leaders should’ve given when they had the chance.
Aug. 25 2016 9:36 AMHow the “Hipster Nazis” of the Alt Right Got Big Enough for Hillary Clinton to Denounce ThemEuro-style white nationalism has come to America and found an unlikely standard-bearer in Donald Trump.
Aug. 24 2016 4:14 PM“Undercover” Voters May Exist, but They Won’t Save Donald TrumpShy Tories, meet the bashful fascists.
Aug. 23 2016 4:20 PMThe Self-Actualization of Sean HannityHe’s gone in the tank for Donald Trump. Let’s leave him there.
Aug. 22 2016 5:17 PMTrump’s Outreach to Black Voters Isn’t About Black VotersHe’s making a pitch to college-educated white people.
Aug. 16 2016 11:14 AM183 Things Donald Trump Has Said and Done That Make Him Unfit to Be PresidentHow many times has Donald Trump disqualified himself from holding the most powerful job in the world? You be the judge.
Aug. 14 2016 8:00 PMThe Week Democracy DiedDark days this summer showed how government by the people—beset by illiberal populists on one side and undemocratic elites on the other—is poised for extinction.
Aug. 12 2016 12:42 PMThe Pot Industry Is Taking Over Pro-Pot EffortsThe fledgling pot industry is putting more money into pot ballot initiatives
Aug. 10 2016 5:59 PMWhy Georgia Is Turning PurpleChanging demographics have helped put the state within Clinton’s reach. Now she needs to get those new Georgians to the polls.
Aug. 10 2016 12:02 AMTrump’s “Second Amendment People” Joke Was Targeting Gun Owners, TooThe line wasn’t just a veiled threat at Hillary. It was a glimpse of Trump’s true feelings about his supporters.
Aug. 9 2016 2:55 PMPaul Ryan’s Challenger Is About to Lose BigIf only Republican voters were as picky about their presidential nominees.
Aug. 8 2016 4:34 PMWhy Some Republican Women Are Voting for Hillary ClintonThey hate Donald Trump’s misogyny. They like that the left can’t stand her. And maybe a few have warmed up to Hillary Clinton herself.
Aug. 8 2016 3:15 PMAre GOP Leaders Ever Going to Dump Trump?If top Republicans break with Trump, it will be purely to save their own skin.
Aug. 5 2016 4:57 PMDonald Trump’s Electoral Map Is ShrinkingYou can count his paths to victory on two very short fingers.
Aug. 4 2016 7:33 PMI’m Too Sexy for Your Standard H-1B Temporary Work VisaWhy do fashion models like Melania Trump get their own category of work visa?