Because the Bible Tells Us So

The GOP’s positions on immigration and refugees contradict the teachings of the Good Book the party says it values so much.  

Nov. 26 2015 9:52 AMThe Reading ListStories we liked from around the Web for the week of Nov. 23.
Nov. 24 2015 4:56 PMWhy the Super PACs Don’t Scare Donald TrumpThey only boost his credentials as the anti-establishment candidate.
Nov. 23 2015 6:37 PMDonald Trump Is a Conservative Media CreationThe real estate mogul’s racist and xenophobic message is a product of years of race-baiting from right-wing media.
Nov. 20 2015 5:47 PMA New Threat to ObamacareInsurance companies are starting to pull out. Premiums are rising. Is the ACA doomed?
Nov. 20 2015 10:09 AMGeorge W. Bush Needs to Speak to His PartyThe former president may be the one person who can stop the rise of a new strain of ugly, divisive politics.
Nov. 19 2015 3:17 PMDonald Trump Is Actually a Moderate RepublicanThat’s why he’s winning.
Nov. 18 2015 4:40 PMHillary Is Already Triangulating Against LiberalsHer new attack on Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health care plan shows her indifference to progressive voters.
Nov. 18 2015 3:58 PMYes, Republicans Are Being Cowardly in Rejecting Syrian RefugeesThey deserve to be called out for it.
Nov. 17 2015 4:55 PMThe GOP’s Flirtation With Ending the Surveillance State Is OverEavesdropping and reading people’s email is coming back into fashion for most Republican presidential candidates. 
Nov. 16 2015 6:55 PMResettling Syrian Refugees: An AlternativeEconomic opportunity closer to home is better than a struggle to integrate abroad.
Nov. 16 2015 5:34 PMThe Fight Over Syrian Refugees Is Going to Get NutsRepublicans may actually threaten another government shutdown to block them from coming in.
Nov. 16 2015 1:34 PMWhy the Paris Attacks Will Only Boost Donald TrumpHis brand of nativism is exactly what GOP voters want right now.
Nov. 15 2015 1:32 AMHillary’s Greatest WeaknessShe needs to put distance between herself and Obama.
Nov. 14 2015 7:00 PMWhat Twitter Has to Say About the Democratic DebateCheck out the instant spin room.
Nov. 13 2015 7:09 PMTed Cruz Is Being Trampled on Immigration ReformThe conservative base is turning on him. 
Nov. 25 2015 11:44 AMDonald Trump Is a FascistThis isn’t a partisan attack. It is the political label that best describes what the GOP front-runner has become.
Nov. 24 2015 3:28 PMTed Cruz’s Sophisticated BigotryThis is how you bash Muslims while pretending to be principled. 
Nov. 23 2015 3:36 PMWhy Ted Cruz Is Suddenly Distancing Himself From Donald TrumpThe Texas senator is positioning himself as the reasonable alternative.  
Nov. 20 2015 5:36 PMBravo, CNN!Seriously, the network’s new debate format should make the GOP race a lot more fair.
Nov. 19 2015 4:10 PMObama Is Losing the Argument About Syrian RefugeesAnxious Democrats are joining Republicans to slow the entry of those fleeing Syria.
Nov. 19 2015 2:43 PMThe Reading ListStories we liked from around the Web for the week of Nov. 16.
Nov. 18 2015 4:24 PMGuilty Until Proven ChristianFor Republicans, if you are Muslim, you are out of luck.
Nov. 18 2015 3:29 PMMy Family’s Refugee StoryThe argument over who gets to come to America is personal for me—and millions of others.
Nov. 17 2015 12:01 AMWhen Super PACs AttackWatch the money fly as they spend millions to tear down or bolster the candidates.
Nov. 16 2015 6:37 PMPreaching to the ChoirSen. Ted Cruz visited Bob Jones University to press his case that he is the evangelical candidate who can win.
Nov. 16 2015 5:01 PMThe Real ExtremistAlabama poses a greater risk to Syrian refugees than those refugees pose to Alabama.
Nov. 15 2015 2:26 AMObama II    Hillary Clinton plans to hug Barack Obama all the way to the nomination. 
Nov. 14 2015 10:55 PMWho Won the Democratic Debate?Vote in our totally unscientific online poll.
Nov. 14 2015 4:33 PM“How Stupid Are the People of Iowa?”Donald Trump insults everyone, especially Ben Carson. Is he finally fading?
Nov. 13 2015 3:15 PMMitt Romney Can’t Save the GOPThe Republican establishment is getting nervous. But it is deluded if it thinks Mittens can bail them out.