Battered and Blue

Police departments shouldn’t feel under siege. The public just wants better policing.

Dec. 19 2014 6:46 PMFast and LooseIt’s amazing how much the past 40 days have changed the president.
Dec. 19 2014 5:36 PMNever SurrenderWhy some Republicans are still chasing Benghazi.
Dec. 19 2014 3:57 PMThe One Amendment We’re Not Willing to Give UpThe Senate torture report and Sony’s retreat are reminders of what Americans are willing to sacrifice—and what we aren’t.
Dec. 18 2014 11:48 AMWhy Selma Matters TodayThe film offers a vital lesson for those who want to confront police violence today.
Dec. 17 2014 6:15 PMJet Fuel Is Cheap. Plane Tickets Aren’t.Airlines are making record profits. Don’t bet on them passing any of that money along to you.
Dec. 17 2014 12:22 AMWhat White Privilege Really MeansIt’s not about what whites get. It’s about what blacks don’t.
Dec. 15 2014 8:39 PMTed Cruz Just Did Obama a Big FavorThe senator’s attempt to block the president’s immigration order may have opened the door to a number of his political appointees.
Dec. 15 2014 1:52 PMPrejudice All AroundIn Ferguson, all sides failed to adjust their opinions to the evidence.
Dec. 12 2014 8:05 PMA Subtle HighDespite Congress’ attempts to block D.C.’s legalization, there’s a major pro-pot provision hidden in the 2015 spending bill.
Dec. 12 2014 4:36 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Betsy Woodruff’s assessment of Slate’s #WarOnChristmas beat.
Dec. 11 2014 3:03 PMDown and OutThe Democratic Party’s losses at the state level are almost unprecedented, and could cripple it for a long time to come.
Dec. 10 2014 6:59 PMOur System for Prosecuting Cops Is BrokenHere’s a better way to pursue justice when police officers kill in the line of duty.
Dec. 10 2014 3:09 PMThe Refreshing Candor of Mitch McConnellHe may be cold-blooded, but the new Senate Majority Leader may be exactly what the Senate needs.
Dec. 10 2014 2:02 PMThe Most-Read Conservative Media You’ve Never Heard OfA new generation of conservative news sites are mixing clickbait with Obama bashing to rake in huge audiences.
Dec. 9 2014 11:58 PMDid the CIA Go Rogue After 9/11?The Senate Intelligence Report raises painful questions about who watches the watchers.
Dec. 19 2014 6:30 PMAmerica, Truck Yeah!The United States’ latest SUV-buying binge shows how badly we needed President Obama’s fuel economy rules.
Dec. 19 2014 4:28 PMOutsourced TerrorThe horrific stories of CIA-sponsored torture that aren’t in the Senate report.
Dec. 18 2014 3:03 PMThe Prelude to a RaceWhy Elizabeth Warren won’t run and Jeb Bush won’t win.
Dec. 18 2014 9:03 AMWe Were Doing It Wrong: The Very First Political GabfestWatch Emily, John, and David review their inaugural Gabfest from 2005.
Dec. 17 2014 5:26 PMIs Jeb Bush Ready to Run?His early moves are smart. But does he have the temperament for the modern campaign?
Dec. 16 2014 5:36 PMDick Cheney’s AmericaOf course Americans are OK with torture. Look at how we treat our prisoners.
Dec. 15 2014 6:11 PMJeb Bush Wants You to Read His EmailAnd that may be just the beginning of a very different presidential run.
Dec. 15 2014 1:24 PMThe GOP’s Tortured LogicRepublicans have widely accepted Cheney’s defense of torture. If Obama is acting like a monarch, how were the Bush administration’s actions not far worse?
Dec. 12 2014 6:23 PMCIA on the CouchWhy there would have been no torture without the psychologists.
Dec. 12 2014 12:35 PMTea Party DemocratsDoes President Obama have a rebellion brewing in his ranks?
Dec. 11 2014 10:58 AMInformed BiasWhile blacks see the grand jury decisions in Ferguson and Staten Island almost identically, whites see them as dramatically different. Why is that?
Dec. 10 2014 4:16 PMEnding the Forever WarWhen will we stop using a September 2001 authorization of military force to sanction our overseas conflicts?
Dec. 10 2014 2:29 PMThe Torture TabooTorture is becoming a partisan issue, and that’s not good for anyone. Here’s how to prevent it.
Dec. 10 2014 11:37 AMWho’s Afraid of the Torture Report?No one.
Dec. 9 2014 5:51 PMPolitical SacrificeWhy Democrats are feeding Jonathan Gruber to the wolves.