July 18 2014 12:05 PMThe Left FlankProgressives Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu are on a mission to push the New York governor’s race to the left.
July 17 2014 2:24 PMCrime FightersWhy the GOP is waking up to the need for criminal justice reform.
July 16 2014 4:16 PMFlorida Déjà VoodooWhy there is no reform that could be better for progressives than redistricting reform.
July 15 2014 3:39 PMPhoto-ReadyObama has conditioned us to think theatrical photo ops are meaningful. He can’t expect us to think differently when it suits him.
July 11 2014 4:09 PMThe "Why Is Hollywood Mesmerized by Washington?" Bonus SegmentIn a Slate Plus Political Gabfest bonus segment, David Plotz asks two TV writers to explain a wave of political television.
July 10 2014 4:33 PMBlood on the Fourth of JulyChicago’s deadly, gun-fueled holiday weekend was only marginally worse than last year’s deadly, gun-fueled holiday weekend.
July 9 2014 8:23 PM57,000 Little ProblemsHow does a do-nothing Congress solve the border crisis? Take a guess.
July 3 2014 3:59 PMConservatives Say the Poor Have It EasyA Colorado Republican was caught on video pioneering the 47 percent slur.
July 3 2014 12:45 PMOne Nation, Divisible?Is America in danger of fracturing into two countries, one secular, one religious?
July 1 2014 7:06 PMMississippi ChurningWill Chris McDaniel and his Tea Party army sue to overturn Thad Cochran’s Senate victory?
July 1 2014 11:48 AMHillary Clinton Doesn’t Need LiberalsThe numbers show black voters defeated her in 2008 and will make her win in 2016.
June 30 2014 6:30 PMEx-Im ExitThe years-long, Koch-funded, libertarian campaign to kill the Export-Import Bank could finally succeed.
June 27 2014 6:14 PMChris McDaniel Thinks Winning With Black Votes Is Somehow IllegitimateIt’s a notion that goes all the way back to the election of President Ulysses S. Grant.
June 27 2014 1:45 PMSelfish, Selfish San FranciscoIt would be a much better city with twice the population. Instead it’s America’s largest gated community.
June 25 2014 1:42 PMWhy Mississippi’s Black Democrats Saved an Elderly White RepublicanThey saw Chris McDaniel for what he is: A classic Southern reactionary.
July 18 2014 10:48 AMWho Cares What Happened at Slate This Week? David Plotz ignores weekly newsletter protocol, shares his favorite Slate reads of all time.
July 17 2014 12:16 PMRun, Elizabeth, Run!Why an Elizabeth Warren presidential bid would be good for all Americans.
July 15 2014 6:02 PMWe Didn’t Build ThatHow the boring Highway Trust Fund became the newest stage for GOP antics.
July 11 2014 5:43 PMI Don’t Know This GuyDemocrats in red states are panicking about Obama showing up to campaign for them.
July 11 2014 12:54 PMThe Sci-Fi Writers’ WarThey predicted and possibly inspired the conflict in the Ukraine, and now they’re fighting it.
July 10 2014 10:34 AMClose Stuyvesant High SchoolWhy super-elite public magnet schools aren’t necessary anymore.
July 7 2014 4:50 PMObama’s Border BetThe president says there’s a “humanitarian crisis” at the border—so why is he treating it as a simple immigration problem?
July 3 2014 3:31 PMRolling CoalConservatives who show their annoyance with liberals, Obama, and the EPA by blowing black smoke from their trucks.
July 2 2014 5:23 PMObama’s “So Sue Me” Taunt Has Bipartisan AppealIt’s music to the ears of Republicans and Obama aides alike. For Democrats in battleground states, not so much.
July 1 2014 6:11 PMLack of Trust in Obama Didn’t Kill Immigration ReformGOP infighting did. But that still doesn’t leave the president with many options.
July 1 2014 10:33 AMThe Breakfast Table Out LoudListen to Dahlia Lithwick and Eric Posner consider faux-nanimity on the high court and what’s hinky about Hobby Lobby.
June 30 2014 9:07 AMA City of ConvictsThe statistical sleight of hand that makes the U.S. crime rate seem lower than it really is.
June 27 2014 5:55 PMWhere Did the GOP’s Foreign Policy Wise Men Go?
June 26 2014 3:57 PMThe Ikea IllusionIt’s terrific that Ikea and other retailers are raising their wages. But it won’t matter to the millions of Americans who can’t get to where the jobs are.
June 25 2014 10:45 AMCochran’s Mississippi Magic Thad Cochran’s surprise victory has one lesson: Political consultants, pollsters, and cutthroats are more important than ever.