Oct. 22 2015 9:50 AMThe Long GoodbyeJoe Biden ended his political career with a plea that few will likely honor.
Oct. 21 2015 2:28 PMGetting His House in OrderPaul Ryan’s demands are smart. And they are about the only thing that could make the House of Representatives a functioning body again.
Oct. 20 2015 4:36 PMThe One Problem Mike Murphy Can’t SolveHow to get voters to like Jeb Bush.
Oct. 19 2015 4:04 PMHow Hardcore Conservatives Came to Love the FilibusterWhat happens when conservative ideology and conservative goals are at odds.
Oct. 16 2015 4:58 PMSlap HappyJeb Bush and Marco Rubio are bickering over who has more cash. It’s supposed to distract from the fact that neither of them has much.
Oct. 16 2015 12:36 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?What Slate’s news director read when she wasn’t marshaling our coverage of the Democratic debate.
Oct. 15 2015 2:55 PMWhy Nevada May Be Hillary’s New Favorite StateThe Las Vegas debate was good for Clinton. The state’s voters may be even better.
Oct. 14 2015 2:43 AMHillary’s Debate Should End the Biden TalkThe front-runner has regained the confidence of the Democratic Party.
Oct. 14 2015 2:02 AMThe FighterClinton won Tuesday night’s debate by going on offense.
Oct. 13 2015 10:52 PMLincoln Chafee Just LostOn Tuesday night, the former Rhode Island governor went from long shot to loser.
Oct. 13 2015 6:02 PMWhat Twitter and Trump Are Saying About CNN’s Democratic DebateThe instant spin room.
Oct. 13 2015 10:31 AMEnhanced IntroductionHow should Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and someone named Lincoln Chafee treat the first Democratic debate?
Oct. 12 2015 7:20 PMAn Empty ConspiracyThe House Benghazi investigation is now thoroughly discredited as a partisan sham.
Oct. 9 2015 6:36 PMThe Real Reason for the Chaos in the HouseIt’s not just rebellious GOP lawmakers. It’s what empowers those lawmakers to buck the party leadership.
Oct. 9 2015 11:37 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?What the magazine taught me about Joe Biden, the banality of good, and fake sounds in action flicks.
Oct. 21 2015 5:19 PMWhy Joe Biden Said NoThe vice president couldn’t win. 
Oct. 20 2015 7:50 PMJim Webb Didn’t Have What It TakesThe former Virginia senator wanted to be president. He just didn’t want to work for it.
Oct. 20 2015 12:17 PMWhy We Should Be Talking About Russell Simmons’ RushCard FiascoPoor Americans deserve better banking options—and the solution is obvious. 
Oct. 19 2015 3:56 PMBrothers in ArmsJeb Bush didn’t want to be defined by his brother. Now he wants to get him back in the race.
Oct. 16 2015 4:00 PMNo, He Can’tBernie Sanders is an inspirational candidate, but his theory of change doesn’t have a chance.
Oct. 15 2015 4:43 PMWhy Hillary Would Make a Better President Than BernieClinton’s skill as a bureaucratic infighter makes her the right pick for an era of political gridlock.
Oct. 14 2015 12:31 PMThe Democratic Presidential Candidates Declared War on Unfettered CapitalismAs a tactic, it’s moral, pragmatic, and smart. Republicans better have an answer.
Oct. 14 2015 2:19 AMA Good Night for the CauseTuesday’s debate was a great ad for the Democratic Party.
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Oct. 13 2015 5:45 AMDemocrats Agreed to Have Their Debate Broadcast Live in Virtual RealityThat’s a terrible idea.
Oct. 9 2015 7:22 PMThe Planned Parenthood Hearings Aren’t About Those VideosThey are group therapy sessions for pro-lifers.
Oct. 9 2015 4:14 PMWho Will Replace John Boehner, Now?Assessing the GOP’s sad-sack crop of potential candidates.
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