April 13 2016 5:30 PMBad for the SchmoozeBernie’s pick for Jewish outreach director is an admirably progressive choice. It’s also bad politics.
April 13 2016 11:45 AMWhat Happened to the National Enquirer’s Ted Cruz Story?Checking in on the tabloid’s first big move of the election season.
April 12 2016 11:11 AMCory Booker’s Advice for the Next President
April 11 2016 2:07 PMThe Messy, Very Human Politics of Bill Clinton’s Crime BillThe activists who denounce the bill now have much in common with the activists who supported it in 1994.
April 7 2016 6:35 PMFire Bill ClintonNo one is doing more damage to Hillary’s campaign than her husband.
April 7 2016 1:04 PM“It’s Great to Be Home!”The scene at Donald Trump’s Long Island rally.
April 6 2016 12:11 AMUnbound for GloryWith Ted Cruz’s victory in Wisconsin, his strategy now turns to uncommitted delegates.
April 5 2016 7:00 PMWhat Twitter Pundits Are Saying About the Wisconsin PrimaryCheck out the instant spin room.
April 5 2016 11:07 AMThe Pro-Life Case for MurderDonald Trump suggested punishing women who get abortions. The response exposed the incoherence of the pro-life right.
March 31 2016 6:50 PMSanders and Trump Have One Thing in CommonThey hate the media.
March 30 2016 4:19 PMTrump Is Collapsing in Wisconsin And that’s really bad for his delegate math.
March 30 2016 2:48 PMHow the GOP Loyalty Pledge Boosted Donald TrumpIt was meant to stop him. All it did was tie the party’s fortunes to him.
March 29 2016 4:00 PMWhy Trump Won’t Fire LewandowskiAnd why decisions like that will be his undoing.
March 25 2016 5:23 PMWhy Did Ted Cruz Spend Seven Months Sucking Up to Donald Trump?He was a wimp and an opportunist, and he enabled the rise of his tormentor.
March 24 2016 5:46 PMOperation Primary KillIf John Kasich gets his way, it would effectively destroy the Republican primary process.
April 13 2016 4:30 PMHillary Clinton’s Superdelegate ProblemSuperdelegates were supposed to make things easier for the party. They’ve only made it easier to cause trouble.
April 12 2016 2:57 PMThese 54 People Could Determine the Republican NominationPennsylvania’s unbound delegates hold serious sway over Donald Trump’s fate.
April 12 2016 11:09 AMIntroducing Memos to 45: Advice for the Next President
April 8 2016 1:53 PMTrump on IceHe probably won’t be the nominee. So how will the GOP get rid of him?
April 7 2016 5:09 PMNo One Wants to Endorse Ted CruzAnd he’s fine with that.
April 6 2016 4:05 PMWhat Are You Waiting for, Democrats?Voter ID laws are having their intended effect. It’s time to do something.
April 5 2016 9:42 PMThe GOP Needs Ted Cruz (to Lose the Presidency)Cruz, not Trump, represents the cranky, ascendant faction that the party needs to marginalize.
April 5 2016 2:07 PMTrade BarbsIn Wisconsin, the flailing Trump campaign attacks Ted Cruz as soft on trade.
April 4 2016 3:48 PMIs Ted Cruz Still the Anti-Establishment Candidate?The senator can’t decide.
March 31 2016 4:18 PMYou Can’t Build a Wall High EnoughIn the near future, technology will allow foreigners to work in the United States without ever setting foot on our soil.
March 30 2016 3:34 PMPoor Whites TrashedWhy conservatives are talking about struggling white people the way they usually talk about black people.
March 30 2016 12:06 AMCNN’s Anderson Cooper Was Cranky, and Donald Trump Was a DisasterThe Republican front-runner had his worst performance of the campaign. 
March 28 2016 3:24 PMWeakened at Bernie’sBernie Sanders had a good Saturday, but he doesn’t have momentum. 
March 25 2016 2:05 PMWhat Do Trump Supporters Think About Climate Change? I Went to a Rally and Asked.Surprise! It wasn’t all paranoia and xenophobia.
March 24 2016 4:09 PMTrump’s Attack on Heidi Cruz Is the Scummy Low of a Scummy CampaignAnother political norm gets schlonged.