Nov. 7 2016 5:00 PMHow Do Trump Supporters See Black People?“Less evolved,” our survey shows.
Nov. 7 2016 1:31 PMThe Trump Campaign Is Ending as It Began: Bigoted as HellFrom birtherism and the wall to Jewish conspiracies and Somali terrorists in Minneapolis.
Nov. 6 2016 8:02 PMThis Election Was About the IssuesNot the familiar stuff of Washington gridlock, but the most important issues of our time: misogyny, racism, and xenophobia.
Nov. 4 2016 2:08 PMHow to Buy a Seat in CongressJoseph Albert Hollingsworth III, a wealthy carpetbagger from Tennessee by way of South Carolina, wants to be your voice in Congress, Hoosiers of the Indiana 9th.
Nov. 3 2016 3:57 PMFor Minority Voters, a Ballot for Clinton Is a Proclamation That This Is Their Country TooTalking to Hillary Clinton voters in North Carolina as Election Day approaches.
Nov. 3 2016 2:22 PMMaybe Making Election Day a National Holiday Wouldn’t Really WorkStudies show increasing voter turnout—especially for working-class voters—is more complicated than declaring a holiday.
Nov. 2 2016 4:47 PMOf Course You Should Be Panicking About the ElectionGo ahead. Wet that bed.
Nov. 2 2016 5:57 AMTrump’s Tower of BabbleIt may sound like gibberish, but there’s an accidental brilliance to Trump’s style of speech.
Oct. 31 2016 2:56 PMMaking the ChoiceHow should voters weigh the sins of these two uniquely corrupt candidates?
Oct. 31 2016 9:17 AMDonald Trump Is on the Ballot Next Week. Why Are We Talking About Emails?  One candidate is a threat to the very workings of government, and it’s not the one who maybe, possibly, tried to thwart FOIA.
Oct. 28 2016 5:14 PMWhy the “October Surprise” Is DeadWhatever they reveal, the new Weiner emails probably won’t hurt Clinton. Tribalism reigns.
Oct. 26 2016 5:34 PMThe Most Depressing Focus Group EverTwo hours with 12 undecided voters who hate Trump, Clinton, politicians, polls, and what social media is doing to America.
Oct. 21 2016 10:55 AMRudy Giuliani vs. Donald TrumpWho would you vote for?
Oct. 20 2016 8:41 AMTrump Is a MadmanThe third debate settles it: He’s not just cynical. He’s paranoid.
Oct. 20 2016 2:12 AMDonald Trump vs. AmericaHe’s no longer running against Hillary Clinton. He’s running against our democracy itself.
Nov. 7 2016 3:01 PM230 Things Donald Trump Has Said and Done That Make Him Unfit to Be PresidentHow many times has Donald Trump disqualified himself from holding the most powerful job in the world? You be the judge.
Nov. 7 2016 11:23 AMDoing Time With Donald TrumpAt an endless, much-delayed rally in Virginia, no one needed the FBI to know whether Clinton was a criminal.
Nov. 5 2016 6:00 AMWelcome to an Unprecedented Election Day ExperimentWant to see who’s winning the presidential race? Follow real-time turnout projections from Slate and VoteCastr.
Nov. 3 2016 6:13 PMDavid Duke Debating in an Empty Room at a Black University Is U.S. Politics in a Funhouse MirrorOur grotesque election, reflected back at us.
Nov. 3 2016 3:36 PMWill Georgia’s Notorious “White County” Vote for a Black Man?Daniel Blackman is the first black person to run for office in Forsyth County, site of a bloody racial cleansing in 1912.
Nov. 2 2016 8:36 PMTrump’s Server, RevisitedSorting through the new evidence, and competing theories, about the Trump server that appeared to be communicating with a Russian bank.
Nov. 2 2016 2:36 PMTrump Can Happen AgainThe conditions within the GOP that created him not only remain but have been reinforced.
Nov. 1 2016 4:18 PMWhy Is Black Voter Turnout Lagging in North Carolina?Tim Kaine to the rescue.
Oct. 31 2016 1:41 PM“Plugging My Nose and Voting for Trump”Our panel of Trump-averse Republican voters on who they have finally decided to vote for.
Oct. 31 2016 5:53 AMAmerica, There Is a Better Way to VoteMaybe Trump’s ascendance will finally force us to see it.
Oct. 27 2016 5:17 PMListomaniaDonald Trump’s list of supporters is worth tens of millions of dollars. But who owns it?
Oct. 24 2016 8:39 PMThe Most Astute Analysis of American Politics in 2016? SNL’s “Black Jeopardy!” Sketch.It had more to say about class and race than a thousand tenderly crafted portraits of the white working class.
Oct. 20 2016 11:43 AMDonald Trump’s Virtuosic Lies at the Final Debate, DebunkedLet’s do this one more time.
Oct. 20 2016 3:37 AMSpinning the UnspinnableTrump’s surrogates can’t defend his attack on democracy so they’re pretending it didn’t happen.
Oct. 20 2016 1:32 AMTrump’s Final Debate Was a Slow-Motion MeltdownIt was the election in miniature.