June 7 2016 10:37 PMThe Process WorkedThe Democratic primaries weren’t rigged. Despite their flaws, they produced a nominee with wide support across the party.
June 7 2016 1:52 PM14 Republican Excuses for Donald Trump’s RacismIt’s not racism. It’s a matter of tone. It’s just Trump being Trump. And more!
June 6 2016 6:56 PMThe GOP’s Purity ProblemWhat the Renee Ellmers race in North Carolina says about the Republican Party.
June 3 2016 5:46 PMHow Should America Resist a Fascist?Violence won’t help—not while there are still legitimate means of stopping Donald Trump.
June 3 2016 12:55 PMWhy Can’t Never Trumpers Just Admit They Prefer Hillary?David French is a dodge.
June 2 2016 4:24 PMWhy Donald Trump Is FlailingThe GOP primary left him ill-prepared for the scrutiny he’s finally getting.
June 1 2016 1:11 PMTrump’s Attack on a Federal Judge Is an Open Appeal to RacismDon’t normalize it.
May 31 2016 5:02 PMThe Media Finally Figured Out How to Rattle Donald TrumpHis press conference today about his contributions to veterans’ charities was nasty and contentious. Good.
May 31 2016 1:41 PMIs America Really in an Anti-Establishment Rage?Voters are angry. They just don’t agree on what they’re angry about.
May 31 2016 5:59 AMLibertarians Are LoonsThe only way for Gary Johnson to succeed is to leave his party behind.
May 27 2016 3:52 PMTrump’s Strategy Is BackfiringHis tanking ratings show that there is such a thing as bad publicity.
May 26 2016 3:49 PMWhat Aryans See in Donald TrumpHe is the Aryan warrior, come to save whiteness itself.
May 25 2016 7:11 PMHow a 2013 Governor’s Race Explains Clinton–TrumpTwo unpopular candidates battering each other in a contest over identity: What happened in Virginia doesn’t bode well for the country.
May 24 2016 5:44 PMNewt Gingrich Is the Perfect Trump Running MateWhy Donald should pick the former speaker of the House.
May 24 2016 12:53 PMA Letter to a Bernie-or-Bust VoterI get it. I was just like you once.
June 7 2016 7:00 PMWhat Twitter Pundits Have to Say About Tonight’s PrimariesCheck out the instant spin room.
June 7 2016 5:57 AMBernie Ends TonightSanders has had every right to stay in the race. That’s all about to change.
June 6 2016 5:21 PMCrazy PartyLibertarians are blowing a huge opportunity by acting like libertarians.
June 3 2016 4:19 PMMexicans, Muslims, Cubans, Blacks: Donald Trump Is a Serial Exploiter of PrejudiceCross him and your ethnicity is grounds for suspicion.
June 3 2016 11:35 AMNever Trump vs. Trump ForeverA pair of young, ambitious senators, Ben Sasse and Tom Cotton, offer two competing visions for the future of the Republican Party.
June 2 2016 10:51 AMThe Terrifying Prospect of a Trump Presidency and GOP MajoritiesIf you think Congressional Republicans would rein in the authoritarian candidate, you haven’t been paying attention.
June 1 2016 11:13 AMNo, Donald Trump Is Not Good at NicknamesWhy is the media obsessed with repeating his silly monikers—and doing his dirty work for him? 
May 31 2016 2:17 PMFreaking Out About the Trump-Clinton Polls? Here’s a Better Way to Read Them.Ignore the headlines. Find the story being told by the internal data.
May 31 2016 10:50 AMReagan, The Americans, and the Cold WarThe Weisberg brothers—showrunner and Slate chief—in conversation. 
May 30 2016 9:33 AMWatch Douglas Rushkoff’s Advice for the Next President (Video) 
May 27 2016 12:58 PMThe Dark Future of WhitewashingAsian Americans are increasingly overrepresented among our society’s elite. Will the U.S. succumb to anti-Asian prejudice?
May 26 2016 3:19 PMFellow Liberals, Let’s Stop Doing These ThingsThe bad tics and hideous behaviors of intralefty discourse today.
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May 24 2016 4:14 PMWhy Won’t Obama Call the Men He Keeps Killing Radical Islamic Terrorists?When it comes to calling our enemies names before blowing them up, the president is soft.
May 23 2016 5:00 PMBernie Is Building an Army of Primary ChallengersDebbie Wasserman Schultz’s opponent is his prototype.