Jan. 21 2019 5:45 AMTrump’s Rhetoric Is Raising the Risk of Right-Wing TerrorismWe need to have a serious debate about the causes of political violence, before the next attack.
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Jan. 15 2019 6:11 PMTrump Is Losing. His Nativist Message Is Winning.Americans like the wall more than they like the president.
Jan. 15 2019 1:34 PMThe Limits of Tucker Carlson’s Anti–Free Market VisionThe Fox News host’s seemingly populist monologue was delivered for one specific audience.
Jan. 9 2019 9:22 PMThe Government Shutdown Is Like a Hostage SituationTrump and his fellow Republicans are using the same tactics as criminal captors demanding ransom.
Jan. 9 2019 2:59 PMThe Department of Defense Cannot Build a Border Wall, Emergency or NotAgencies can’t act without funding, and there is no funding for a border wall.
Jan. 8 2019 1:50 PM“If She Can’t Get Him to Back Off, I Don’t Know How Anybody Can”A new report on sexual harassment in the Oregon Legislature reveals the workplace perils for female politicians.
Jan. 8 2019 12:33 PMThere Is No Terrorism Crisis at the BorderThe administration’s exaggerations aren’t just misleading. They make us less safe.
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Jan. 7 2019 4:55 PMWhy Men Find the New Congresswomen So FrighteningReps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib aren’t just radicals—they also have institutional power.
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Jan. 11 2019 5:20 PMWaiting for a National EmergencyRepublicans and Democrats have stopped negotiating an end to the government shutdown. No one has any ideas. It’s crisis-declaring time.
Jan. 9 2019 8:16 PMThe Shutdown to End All ShutdownsThe government doesn’t have to come to a halt every time Congress and the president can’t agree on funding it. Now might be the time for a big fix.
Jan. 8 2019 6:58 PMA Mueller Court Filing Reveals James Comey’s ArroganceThree unilateral decisions show Comey thinks FBI directors can do whatever they want.
Jan. 8 2019 1:03 PMWall of LiesThe president is addressing the nation to tout a false solution to a crisis of his own making.
Jan. 7 2019 8:21 PMI Spent the Day Talking to Tourists Who Showed Up to D.C. Museums That Are Closed for the Government Shutdown
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Dec. 22 2018 1:09 PMTrump Thinks His Border-Wall Bravado Can Hide His Pullout From the ISIS FightOne Republican senator is using that issue to expose him.
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