May 5 2015 3:45 AMThe Fraud of WarU.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have stolen tens of millions through bribery, theft, and rigged contracts.
May 4 2015 11:25 AMMy Baltimore BargainMy corner of the city is an ideal place to live. But the awkward truth is that it is attainable because it’s in a deeply troubled city.
May 1 2015 12:46 PMWe Know What Killed Freddie GrayAnd a police badge shouldn’t hide the truth.
April 30 2015 12:11 PMHillary Clinton’s Impressive Criminal Justice SpeechThe Democratic front-runner isn’t just committing herself to reform. She is making an important political decision about the race to come.
April 29 2015 6:38 PMThe Deep, Troubling Roots of Baltimore’s DeclineIf we want to save Charm City, we must begin by reversing 100 years of segregation. 
April 27 2015 1:58 PMBush’s MillionsJeb Bush says he’s breaking fundraising records. So why doesn’t that scare anyone?
April 24 2015 3:26 PMBill Clinton’s High PriceThe former president would be an enormous asset to a Hillary Clinton administration. But it comes at a cost.
April 22 2015 4:21 PMThe Fight Against 15Increasing the minimum wage so dramatically will damage the economic prospects of millions of vulnerable people.
April 22 2015 2:45 PMThe Bloomberg Poll on GOP Support for Israel Isn’t Anti-SemiticIt just tells the uncomfortable truth. 
April 20 2015 8:23 PMSenators Need Not ApplyDo Republicans really think governors make better presidents?
April 17 2015 12:45 PMHail to the ChiefRepublicans haven’t just rejected President Obama. They have adopted Benjamin Netanyahu as their leader.
April 15 2015 7:20 PMThe Irony Is Rich Hillary Clinton might be progressives’ best hope at campaign finance reform.  
April 14 2015 7:55 PMManufacturing AuthenticityWhat Hillary Clinton has going for her that other candidates don’t.
April 14 2015 9:29 AMBig TalkerMarco Rubio’s candidacy—much like Obama’s—will rest on the power of words.
April 13 2015 4:53 PMWhat the GOP Doesn’t Get About Latino VotersThey care more about economics than immigration.
May 4 2015 5:31 PMBen Carson Is No Herman CainHe’s far more paranoid.
May 1 2015 8:04 PMWhy David Brooks Shouldn’t Talk About Poor PeopleThe New York Times columnist believes their poverty stems from a lack of virtue. 
April 30 2015 6:41 PMNot Weakened With BernieHow Bernie Sanders running for president helps Hillary Clinton.
April 30 2015 11:30 AMGo, Bernie, Go!Why a socialist running for president isn’t as ridiculous as you think.
April 28 2015 2:17 AMBaltimore’s FireThe city erupted in anger over the death of Freddie Gray.
April 24 2015 7:33 PMFirst PrinciplesClinton began her campaign by denouncing the big money flowing into politics. That just got a lot harder for her to talk about.
April 22 2015 5:09 PMScott Walker’s Anti-Immigration EpiphanyThe Wisconsin governor’s new position against legal immigration could have huge implications for the GOP race.
April 22 2015 3:01 PMJeb the DestroyerJeb Bush is tearing down what little campaign finance law we have left.
April 21 2015 5:02 PMBurying BillWhy Hillary Clinton must turn her back on parts of her husband’s political legacy to win in 2016.
April 20 2015 8:23 PMPopping the QuestionAdvice to Republican presidential candidates on how to answer the question, “Would you attend a gay wedding?”
April 16 2015 2:51 PMHillary Clinton’s Bad Campaign Finance IdeasShe’s right that money in politics is a problem. But suggesting a constitutional amendment is foolish.
April 15 2015 7:00 PMObama’s Gift to Hillary ClintonNo modern-day president has left his potential successor a less scandal-plagued legacy than Barack Obama. 
April 14 2015 6:54 PMForeign SaboteursWhen it comes to a Democratic president’s foreign policy, Republicans often side with America’s enemies.
April 13 2015 6:10 PMMr. Runner-UpIt’s not that Sen. Marco Rubio can’t win. It’s that he’s almost no one’s first choice for the top job.
April 12 2015 8:25 PMThe Indispensable Hillary ClintonWhy she is more vital to the future of the Democratic Party than even Democrats realize.