Nov. 27 2017 8:04 PMWhat the New York Times’ Nazi Story Left OutThe history of America has been written by normal white racists living in normal towns.
Nov. 25 2017 5:05 PMNo Moore PretenseRepublicans offer a sham defense of Roy Moore.
Nov. 21 2017 12:15 PM“There Is No Such Thing as the Bible”The messy Scripture on display at the Museum of the Bible.
Nov. 17 2017 7:48 PMInvestors in the Panama Trump Tower Included a Notorious Criminal Who Laundered Drug MoneyThe close ties between Colombian cartels and the Trump Ocean Club.
Nov. 16 2017 12:11 PMAl Franken Should Resign ImmediatelyDemocrats’ credibility on sexual harassment is at stake.
Nov. 14 2017 5:30 PMBlack Voters, Blue WaveHow black voters can propel Democrats to big wins across the country.
Nov. 14 2017 1:54 PMRoy Moore Is LyingHere’s the mountain of evidence against him.
Nov. 10 2017 6:56 PM“If True”The moral cowardice of conservatives who say they’ll wait and see whether to condemn Roy Moore.
Nov. 9 2017 5:55 AMThe Tax Cuts, Jobs, and Democratic Landslide ActRepublicans will get slaughtered in 2018 if they pass their tax bill in its current form. It’s not too late to fix it.
Nov. 8 2017 6:26 PMBlue Wave, Meet Red WallThe Democrats won by a landslide in Virginia. The Republicans’ gerrymandered map still stood strong.
Nov. 8 2017 3:29 PMDemocracy NowTuesday’s results weren’t just about the winners.
Nov. 8 2017 12:04 AMIs This It?Bill de Blasio wins a quiet, conservative victory.
Nov. 7 2017 3:44 PMThe DNC “Cancer” Is Donna BrazileCraven insiders—not joint fundraising agreements—are what’s destroying the party.
Nov. 6 2017 12:54 PMTrump Reverses Course on Trickle DownThe president was against it before he was for it.
Nov. 6 2017 9:19 AMEverything We Know About the Sutherland Springs ShooterNot the gunman, the shooter.
Nov. 26 2017 8:00 PMWhat’s Next for the Republican Tax BillThe Senate faces a tight timeline for a massive tax overhaul.
Nov. 21 2017 4:45 PMRepublicans Can’t GovernThe GOP has an agenda, but no idea how to enact it.
Nov. 20 2017 8:03 PMTrump Picks Another Battle With Black AthletesThe president is preoccupied with well-known black people and their perceived disrespect.
Nov. 17 2017 11:08 AMHow Doug Jones Can WinTo pull off the upset, he’ll need to convert white voters.
Nov. 15 2017 7:42 PMDemocrats Find a Weapon in the Senate Tax BillThe Republican push for tax reform just got complicated.
Nov. 14 2017 4:15 PMDemocrats Are Sounding the Alarm on the Tax BillA tax overhaul with less intensity than the health care debate.
Nov. 13 2017 6:55 PMThe Stakes in AlabamaFor Democrats, winning in December and taking down Roy Moore would mean more than just getting another Senate seat.
Nov. 10 2017 6:13 PMThe GOP Tax Plan Breaks All the RulesNo, really, it does not comply with the rules. Here’s how Republicans will get around that.
Nov. 8 2017 7:52 PMHow Donald Trump Sank Ed GillespieQuantifying the Trump effect in Virginia.
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Nov. 7 2017 11:26 PMDemocrats Breathe Sigh of Relief After Virginia VictoryA party breaks out after Ralph Northam’s big win.
Nov. 6 2017 6:55 PMDemocrats Sharpen Their Attack Against the GOP Tax PlanThose 38 million facing a tax increase might be a problem.
Nov. 6 2017 9:20 AMThe Year in Push AlertsHow the onslaught of breaking news has shaped our lives since Nov. 8, 2016.
Nov. 3 2017 3:37 PMHow Low Can Trump Go?The president is even more unpopular than people realize.