Palin Meter
Palin Meter

Sarah Palin Goes From Zero to 60

She announces a national bus tour that looks like a prelude to a campaign.

May 26 2011 5:58 PM"Fire in the Belly"Sarah Palin just might run for president after all.
May 10 2011 12:52 PMReality BitesDoes Bristol Palin's TV show take a nibble out of the chances her mom will run for president?
April 28 2011 11:28 AMPalin Tells Media To Stay Focused                        She's in her back-to-serious-business mode.
April 14 2011 6:09 PMTrump CardWhat the Donald's entrance into the GOP race means for Palin.
March 28 2011 6:46 PMAre We Watching the Wrong Republican Woman?What a Michele Bachmann candidacy means for Sarah Palin.
March 18 2011 12:06 PMJust Because Sarah Palin Can't Win Doesn't Mean She Won't RunNew polls show her popularity is slipping, but does it matter?
March 10 2011 2:14 PMWould a Palin Campaign Be Based in Arizona?She could see Mexico from her house.
March 7 2011 3:52 PMSarah Palin Weighs In on Vital Kathy Griffin IssueAnd the Palin Meter dips accordingly
March 1 2011 4:29 PMQue Será, Sarah?Is Sarah Palin going to run for president or not? We track her signals so you don't have to.
May 17 2011 5:41 PMThey're Dropping Like FliesNeither Huckabee nor Trump is running. Does that mean Sarah Palin will?
May 5 2011 5:57 PM"No Pussy-Footing," Sarah Palin Tells ObamaYet she still hasn't told us whether she's running for president.
April 18 2011 4:35 PM"The 2012 Elections Begin Here"Sarah Palin's trip to Wisconsin.
April 5 2011 2:26 PMThe E! True Washington Story?Sarah Palin's getting an E! special. It doesn't bode well for her presidential chances.
March 23 2011 6:47 PMSarah Palin's Spring BreakDid her trip to India and Israel signal anything about her intention to run in 2012?
March 18 2011 12:06 PMNotes From the UndergroundPalin's Facebook post about Obama's anti-drilling policy reads like campaign talking points.
March 8 2011 4:50 PMPalin Makes Other Plans for the Night of the First GOP DebateThe chances she's running look ever-slimmer.
March 3 2011 5:46 PMIs Sarah Palin Running for President?Fox News doesn't think so.