Over There
Over There

“What You See Is a Pretty Slender Reality”

The problem with only viewing conflict from an American perspective.

March 6 2015 10:51 AMThe Universal Allure of WarHow the enhanced emotional experience of combat takes hold in conflict zones. 
March 4 2015 11:06 AM“Violence Against Women Is the Foreigners’ Fault”What happens to Afghan women when the U.S. military pulls out?
March 2 2015 1:52 PM“They’re Freebasing the Crystal Meth of Purpose”Why the pull of war is so strong for soldiers (and journalists) in combat zones.
Oct. 30 2014 11:05 AM“They May Be Nuts, but They’re Not Stupid”Former Hezbollah hostage Terry Anderson on ISIS and the terrifying new normal it’s created.
Oct. 28 2014 11:04 AMSix Years, Nine MonthsWhat it’s like to live as a Hezbollah hostage.
Sept. 29 2014 4:48 PMThe Aftershocks of Colonialism  Africa’s postcolonial recovery and the problem with how it’s covered.
Sept. 24 2014 1:12 PM“I Really Couldn’t Get My Mind Around What Had Happened” Why Philip Gourevitch kept going back to Rwanda. 
Sept. 22 2014 1:29 PM“That’s Called Jim Crow”Philip Gourevitch on America’s hypocritical interventions in Africa.
Aug. 20 2014 2:49 PMThe Silent Trauma of War Correspondents Photojournalists and reporters arent getting the help they need for PTSD. 
Aug. 18 2014 12:20 PMHow Curiosity and a Camera Can End a FirefightIt helps when no one knows why they're fighting.
Aug. 11 2014 1:38 PM“He Just Had an Intense Curiosity About People​”The singular work of late photojournalist Chris​ Hondros. 
July 24 2014 11:00 AMThe Trauma of T. E. LawrenceHis well-known "melancholia" was likely a case of PTSD.
July 22 2014 10:55 AMThe Disappearing Borders of the Middle EastThey were drawn incorrectly in the first place.
June 13 2014 12:14 PMThe Tragic Lives of Damascus ProstitutesFor many women, it’s the only way to survive. 
June 10 2014 12:25 PMHow to Turn a Small Protest Into a Civil WarThe moment Assad’s Syria changed forever. 
March 5 2015 10:46 AMInside JobWhy American vet Elliott Ackerman wrote about insider attacks from the Afghan perspective in his novel, Green on Blue
March 3 2015 11:06 AMDeliveranceThe small town in Georgia offering to exorcise PTSD sufferers.
Oct. 31 2014 10:29 AM“Covering Violence Is Not Something That You Do Without Effect on You”Terry Anderson on the personal, physical, and emotional strains of being a foreign correspondent.
Oct. 29 2014 10:32 AMIs Stockholm Syndrome Real?After nearly seven years with Hezbollah captors, Terry Anderson doesn’t think so.
Oct. 27 2014 1:16 PMOn the Ground in Lebanon, 1983 Terry Anderson on the calm before he was kidnapped for more than six years.
Sept. 25 2014 2:28 PMRwanda, 20 Years LaterUnanswered (and unanswerable) questions from the genocide. 
Sept. 23 2014 12:16 PMAnother Intervention?   Anti-ISIS airstrikes aren’t about keeping Americans safe.  
Aug. 20 2014 3:28 PMHow Photojournalists Change War Zones The work of Chris Hondros, killed in Libya in 2011, shows the profession at its most indispensable. 
Aug. 19 2014 12:25 PMPhotojournalists Can’t Be Replaced by iPhonesA skilled photographer is essential to reporting accurate stories in conflict zones.
Aug. 12 2014 12:20 PMThe Power of a PhotographA snapshot that changed United States military policy.
July 25 2014 2:11 PMWhat It's Like to Report in Conflict Zones TodayMore risk, less money—but just as important.
July 23 2014 10:51 AMFinding the Real T. E. LawrenceOne author did it the old-fashioned way.
July 21 2014 4:38 PMLawrence of Arabia, the Man What the movie gets right and wrong about the enigmatic antihero. 
June 11 2014 11:01 AMThe Unthinkable Scale of the Syrian Refugee CrisisJordan’s fourth largest city is a refugee camp. Lebanon’s population is a quarter refugee.  
June 9 2014 10:51 AMWhat It’s Like to Be 50 Yards Away From an Exploding Car BombFirst silence, then chaos.