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What's new in the Economist.

What's new in the Economist.

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June 19 2006 6:12 PM

No End to the Insurgency

Zarqawi's death doesn't mean the jihad is over.

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Weekly Standard, June 12
Fred Barnes stokes the sibling rivalry between President Bush and his brother Jeb, the governor of Florida. Barnes names Jeb as not only best governor in the nation but proclaims that he's bested his older brother's gubernatorial legacy. "Why is Jeb Bush the best?" Barnes answers: Bush has cut taxes every year, he's reformed education and Medicaid, and heknows how to get things done during a hurricane. William Kristol exhorts the president not to listen to "hand-wringing liberalism" over Haditha and chides him for calling Abu Ghraib the war's "greatest mistake." Haditha and Abu Ghraib will not blemish the country's reputation in the long run, but losing the war will: "Winning the wars this nation commits to is also the way we keep our honor clean," writes Kristol.—Z.K.  

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