The Gun Owner's Bible

The Gun Owner's Bible

The Gun Owner's Bible

Summaries of what's in Time, Newsweek, etc.
June 25 1999 9:00 PM

The Gun Owner's Bible

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{{economist#31144}} Economist, June 26


The {{cover story#2:}} makes grand but familiar observations about the Internet's impact on business. ("New technologies have always changed the world in unforeseeable ways.") Predictions: Blue-chip companies will use the Internet to transform themselves; business-to-business e-commerce will flourish; and companies will outsource everything but their core functions. ... The magazine {{spoofs#2:}} recent juvenile-crime legislation with a set of 10 "gun commandments." No. 4: "Honour thy father and thy mother, or they will blow thy head off." No. 5: "Thou shalt not kill, except when provoked. But if thou dost, remember that thy gun had nothing to do with it."

{{george#31183}}George, July 1999

A dishy piece names the 10 worst bosses in Congress. Sens. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., and Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., throw things; Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., makes staffers buy him lunch but doesn't reimburse them; and Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., welcomes new aides with a threat to ruin their lives if they ever wrong him. ... Linda Tripp's children take to the pages of the magazine to defend mom: "My mother truly tried to be a friend."

{{tnr#31137}} New Republic, July 12

The {{cover review#2:}} of a new Madeleine Albright biography argues that she had a personal stake in the Kosovo conflict because Slobodan Milosevic represents the two evil forces that shaped her childhood: communism, which her father claimed drove him from his beloved Czechoslovakia, and ethnic hatred, which led to the Holocaust in which three of her grandparents perished. (See A.O. Scott's "{{Assessment#25857}}" of Albright in Slate.) ... An {{article#2:}} calls purported moderate George W. Bush a closet conservative. One example: When Congress passed a law giving states money to cover children without medical insurance, Bush proposed insuring fewer kids than the law allowed, even though Texas has the second-highest percentage of uninsured citizens. ... A {{piece#2:}} argues for a communitarian reading of the Second Amendment. It makes a tricky distinction: The individual does not have an inviolable right to bear arms, but the people collectively do have a right to arm themselves against tyranny.

{{nytm#31039}}New York Times Magazine, June 27

The cover story chronicles how the Soviets lost the race to the moon. The space program was competing with the military, and the Soviet bureaucracy pitted space scientists against each other rather than encouraging them to cooperate. Ironically, the Soviets might have beaten the Americans had their quest been centrally planned. ... Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley is all aura, according to a profile. The former senator, Rhodes scholar, and New York Knick is promising big ideas but does not offer any. In person he is crotchety and condescending. ... An article scoffs at the rise of the credentialed artist. Applications to Masters of Fine Arts programs are rising. The academies provide aspiring artists with community but encourage trendy, theory-laden art.

{{time#30883}} Time, June 28

The {{cover story#2:,3266,27140,00.html}} claims mass killings in Kosovo were part of a systematic Serb effort to crush the Kosovo Liberation Army and rid Kosovo of Albanians. The plan, called Operation Horseshoe, was devised by a high-ranking general and carried out by teams of paramilitaries, special police, and nationalistic locals. In one massacre, an 11-year-old girl watched her father being marched off and later found his charred body. She buried his remains to spare her mother the gruesome sight. ... An article says Republicans gave Al Gore a potent campaign issue by killing gun control in the House. Even better for the veep, Gov. George W. Bush signed a Texas law forbidding class-action lawsuits against gun manufacturers, a bill opponents called the National Rifle Association Protection Act.