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Other Magazines
Sept. 30 2008 5:25 PMVirginia SlimThe New Yorker on Barack Obama's push for Old Dominion.
Sept. 23 2008 11:30 AMBailout BluesThe New Yorker, New York, and Harper's on the Wall Street rescue plan.
Sept. 16 2008 3:14 PMFishing With DickThe Weekly Standard challenges Cheney to a fly-fishing contest.
Sept. 9 2008 4:47 PMPalin AroundThe New Republic and Weekly Standard can't stop talking about McCain's veep.
Sept. 2 2008 4:02 PMBlog at Your Own RiskThe Nation on how the military restricts soldiers' Internet activities.
Aug. 26 2008 4:00 PMJoe the TurncoatNew York on how Joe Lieberman came to align himself with Republicans.
Aug. 19 2008 12:51 PMBurma's Slow BurnThe New Yorker on the decades of struggle of the Burmese.
Aug. 12 2008 2:12 PMMichelle, My BelleNew York on the softening of Michelle Obama's image.
Aug. 5 2008 1:49 PMWatch Out, Michael MooreThe Weekly Standard on Hollywood's increasingly vocal conservatives.
July 29 2008 3:31 PMChina's Low Self-EsteemNewsweek on why the Olympic host suffers from a national "inferiority complex."
July 22 2008 3:33 PMThe Miracle of Circumcision The New Scientist on the debate over whether the procedure can reduce the risk of HIV transmission.
July 15 2008 3:22 PMBarack's Home TurfThe New Republic and The New Yorker examine Obama's time in Chicago.
July 8 2008 2:19 PMThe King of New YorkThe magazine pays tribute to its late founder, Clay Felker.
June 27 2008 4:44 PMNo Child LeftNew York Times Magazine on Europe's abysmal birth rates.
June 20 2008 3:58 PMSo Long, SoybeansThe Economist on the new generation of biofuels.
Sept. 26 2008 7:14 PMBringing Down the HouseThe New York Times Magazine on deconstructing foreclosed homes.
Sept. 19 2008 4:56 PMA Black WeekThe Economist on Wall Street's ongoing nightmare.
Sept. 12 2008 5:27 PMCome to JesusThe Economist and New York on the Palin effect.
Sept. 5 2008 1:58 PMThe Alaskan SurpriseThe Economist and Time look north to Sarah Palin's home state.
Aug. 29 2008 4:24 PMMagicians for ChristMother Jones on proselytizing with illusions.
Aug. 22 2008 2:14 PMObamaramaThe press rolls out the red carpet for the DNC.
Aug. 15 2008 3:33 PMGeorgia on Their MindsTime and the Economist consider how Russia's show of force will change its relationship with the West.
Aug. 8 2008 4:28 PMGrabbing the TorchNew York Times Magazine on the generation gap among black leaders.
Aug. 1 2008 4:27 PMTrolling for TroubleThe New York Times Magazine on the menace of Web 2.0.
July 25 2008 4:01 PMRight-Wing RewardsHarper's on how Jack Abramoff made conservative politics profitable.
July 18 2008 3:49 PMModern-Day MaraudersThe Economist on pirates in the digital and seafaring worlds.
July 11 2008 2:54 PMHappy 90th, NelsonTime commemorates Nelson Mandela.
July 1 2008 3:40 PMPity the Oil SpeculatorsThe Weekly Standard and Newsweek defend the much-maligned group.
June 24 2008 5:35 PMHow To Speak BubbaThe Weekly Standard on wooing rural voters.
June 17 2008 3:28 PMBucks for BabiesReason on countries paying citizens to have more children.