Ronald Reagan’s Protector

Nancy Reagan was the greatest guardian of her husband’s reputation.

Nov. 23 2014 3:32 PMThe ChemistUnderstanding Marion Barry.
July 11 2014 5:51 PMRIP, Charlie HadenThe jazz great loved a gorgeous song.
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Oct. 12 2011 4:24 PMPresent at the Creation
Frank Kameny, the modest, stubborn man who helped start the gay rights movement.
Jan. 28 2011 5:39 PMRemembering Daniel Bell, 1919-2011He wrote about everything and was deep about all of it.
Aug. 17 2010 1:03 PMHerman LeonardNo one captured the passion and spontaneity of jazz like the late photographer.
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Aug. 26 2009 7:02 AMEdward M. Kennedy (1932-2009)The Kennedy who most changed America.
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March 28 2014 10:26 AM“Tuches Sleeps With the Dictionary!”Remembering Lester Schonbrun, and the dingy Times Square games parlor where he found a second home.
Dec. 5 2013 4:49 PMFarewell, MadibaNelson Mandela’s human flaws, desires, and compromises—as much as his idealism and ability to forgive—helped to make him great.
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