The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
Oct. 8 2010 3:48 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Rick Sanchez, Lou Dobbs, and Rahm Emanuel's new campaign slogan.

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Rahm Emanuel joined the Chicago network.
Rahm Emanuel created the group Vote for Me or I'll Kill Your Family.
David Plouffe
Why don't you let me handle this.
David Brooks posted an article: "The Soft Side."
"The Rahm I know is a compassionate policymaker, his penchant for profanity greatly exaggerated."
Rahm Emanuel
Good column.
David Brooks
Thanks. May I have my dog back?
Politico posted an article: "Shady Campaign Spending Skyrockets in 2010."
Harry Reid is interested in Furries.
Uncle Pennybags
First Amendment, baby!
The Norwegian Nobel Institute sent Liu Xiaobo a gift: Nobel Peace Prize.
This will destroy China-Norway relations.
How sad. What will our children eat, if not lead?
Rick Sanchez added Jews to the group People Holding Rick Sanchez Back.
Elders of Zion
David Axelrod posted a note on Aaron Sorkin's Wall: "Movie pitch: The Social Network 2: The Story."
Aaron Sorkin
I'll get back to you.
CNN posted an article: "Britain Officially Recognizes Druidry."
Christine O'Donnell
Christine O'Donnell left the group Witches and joined the group You.
NPR posted an article: "Military Scientists Discover Honey Bee Killer."
The New York Times posted an article: "Tribune Executives Ran Failing Company Like a Frat House."
The Chicago Tribune posted an article: "Pussy New York Times Reporter Probably Jerks Off to Goat Porn."
Sam Zell
Ha! Good times.
Twitter We couldn't be more excited to introduce Dick Costolo as our new CEO. During his time at Twitter as COO, Dick had a proven track record of t
Lou Dobbs posted a note: "Build the Damn Fence!"
Jorge Gonzales
Sí, senor. Next to the driveway?
Lou Dobbs
Yes, thank you Jorge, right along the rose bushes. Please don't trample the azaleas.
Meg Whitman posted a note: "We Need To Get Our House in Order!"
Maria Diaz
No hay problema. The upstairs, too?
BBC posted an article: "Turkey Ends Headscarf Ban."
The Guardian posted an article: "France Imposes Burqa Ban."
Never mind.
Hamid Karzai sent the Taliban a Frenemy request.
The New York Times posted an article: "Oct. 7, 2009: Foreign Author You've Never Read Wins Nobel Prize for Literature."
Copy Desk
Don't forget to change the date.
The New York Daily News posted an article: "Naked Cowboy Running for President."
Laura Bush
I'm sorry, George started drinking again.


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