No. 499: "Mistakes, I've Made a Few, but Then Again, Too Few To Mention …"

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Nov. 4 2000 12:00 AM

No. 499: "Mistakes, I've Made a Few, but Then Again, Too Few To Mention …"

"I'm not proud of that," G.W. Bush admitted in Wisconsin Thursday, acknowledging (when actually confronted with arrest records) that, like running-mate Dick Cheney, he'd been convicted of drunken driving. But Bush, campaigning on a platform of dignity and integrity, had an excuse for hushing-up his conviction for nearly 25 years. What excuse? 


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Wednesday's Question (No. 498)—"Double Up":

Tuesday in London, at an ongoing event sponsored by the Brain Games Network, spectators were treated to the unusual spectacle of a Double Fianchetto. What immediately preceded its appearance?

"Dopey remarks by John Tesh."—Stuart Wade

"I believe George Michael gets arrested in a public restroom."—Jon Hotchkiss

"A triple lutz. (In case I just spelled 'lutz' wrong say 'axle.' Wait, no, say 'lutz,' but just spell it right. Or if that's not funny, say something funny, but try to work in lutz.)"—Dave Hampton

"If it's still the same London I once loved it must have been preceded by a car bomb and some light rain."—T.G. Gibbon

"The Kasparovettes danced seductively. Some say they sully chess, but TV ratings are climbing."—Andrew Hamilton

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