No. 497: "Does Paper Work?"

No. 497: "Does Paper Work?"

No. 497: "Does Paper Work?"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Oct. 31 2000 3:00 AM

No. 497: "Does Paper Work?"

The documents Alan Geller of Sea Cliff, N.Y., submitted to the federal government include the assertion, "It is desirable to produce bleeding body parts aside from the face." What did Geller hope to accomplish by filing these papers?


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Friday's Question (No. 496)—"3 1/2":

The Bush campaign has been asked to excise a 3 1/2 second sequence from a new TV commercial. What does that sequence show? Why should it be cut?

"Suffice to say that while that may be Al Gore's face, that is definitely not his body."—Greg Diamond

"Joe Lieberman is shown wearing a yarmulke while a voice gravely intones that 'America needs a seven-day-a-week president who doesn't drain Christian children of their blood to make his ritual bread.' That is misleading, since everyone knows that Joe Lieberman is from Connecticut and the blood for the Connecticut matzos is drained from kids in New Jersey and shipped up to New Haven by the Elders of Zion Office in New York and ... well, maybe I've said too much."—Charlie Glassenberg

"The part where Bush uncrosses and then recrosses his legs, revealing that he's not wearing panties."—Tim Carvell

"As it turns out, voters' attention spans are only 2.65 seconds long."—Francis Heaney

"It shows George W. Bush morphing into Angelina Jolie. If they think that's enough to get my vote, they're probably wrong!"—Michael Mannella

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