No. 496: "3 1/2"

No. 496: "3 1/2"

No. 496: "3 1/2"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Oct. 28 2000 12:00 AM

No. 496: "3 1/2"

The Bush campaign has been asked to excise a 3 1/2 second sequence from a new TV commercial. What does that sequence show? Why should it be cut? 


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Wednesday's Question (No. 495)—"And the Portions Are So Small":

"The hours are no good, waits are too long, and the people are rude." Who said this about what?

"The late Vincent Canby reviews the afterlife and finds it wanting."—Tim Carvell

" '… and before you can complain, they kill you,' said the spokesperson from the Society for the Protection of Texas Death Row Inmates."—Hanneke Festen

"Hundreds of senior citizens, getting off the bus at the first pharmacy across the Canadian border."—Will Vehrs

"Donna Hanover said this about continuing to live in Gracie Mansion."—David Finkle

"Dick Cheney, about the campaign trail. 'You couldn't pay me enough to do this again,' he didn't add. Then, not pausing, he also didn't add, 'Well, maybe you could.' "—Chip Brantley

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