No. 495: "And the Portions Are So Small"

No. 495: "And the Portions Are So Small"

No. 495: "And the Portions Are So Small"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Oct. 26 2000 3:00 AM

No. 495: "And the Portions Are So Small"

"The hours are no good, waits are too long, and the people are rude." Who said this about what?


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Monday's Question (No. 494)—"Get Carter?":

In a letter sent to 75,000 people, Jimmy Carter announced that he has given up something he's been doing since he was 11 years old. What?

(The wanking-free zone is invoked, or whatever zone you kids need to protect you from the temptations of hackery.)

"Chain letters."—Peter Carlin, Aaron Haspel, and Adam Green

"Boy, talk about Gore not being to hold onto his base!"—Greg Diamond

"Diverting government peanut subsidies into a slush fund to pay for his whores."—Brooke Saucier

"Caring about the poor and the homeless. 'Let 'em fend for themselves!' Carter added, in his new job as editor in chief of Condé Nast's Lucky magazine."—Tim Carvell

"Christian worship. Imam Abdullah Rahman Carter looks forward to seeing all his old church friends on Fridays at the new Islamic Center of Central Georgia."—Charlie Glassenberg (Steven Davis had a similar answer.)