No. 492: "Mountain Pique"

No. 492: "Mountain Pique"

No. 492: "Mountain Pique"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Oct. 19 2000 3:00 AM

No. 492: "Mountain Pique"

A Globe and Mail poll shows that 64 percent of Canadians oppose Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's decision to rename Mount Logan, the nation's tallest, without consulting the federal names board or the region's Yukon Indians. What new name did Chrétien give the mountain?  


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Monday's Question (No. 491)—"Majorer":

An announcement Sunday proclaims that we now have a fourth "supermajor." Explain.

"Dernit, I miss one Sunday paper, and I didn't catch that Jesse Jackson is running again?"—Brooke Saucier

"You forgot to mention that scientists also said if we didn't make a big deal about it, it might quietly go away."—Sean Carman

"What's to explain? It uses magnetometrism, reflexobiology, and insole support! Thank you, Dr. Scholl's! Thank you!"—Doug Sheppard

"Ohmigod, really? I thought the only supermajors were Speech Communications and Physical Education! What are the new ones? How come my adviser didn't tell me?! And is it too late in the semester for me to change my major??"—Deborah Wassertzug (Ben Kirkup, Steven Davis, and Anthony Wright had similar answers.)

"The National Society of Hack Film Critics has elevated Susan Granger to the pantheon of quote whores, joining Jeff Craig and Gene Shalit. As the NSHFC's promotional materials explain, 'a supermajor is endowed with the power to proclaim just about anything "super," up to and including films based upon Saturday Night Live skits.' In related Hack Film Critic news, Vincent Canby passed away on Monday; Janet Maslin, reviewing his life, held true to form: she overpraised it, then gave away the ending."—Tim Carvel

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