No. 491: "Majorer"

No. 491: "Majorer"

No. 491: "Majorer"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Oct. 17 2000 3:00 AM

No. 491: "Majorer"

An announcement Sunday proclaims that we now have a fourth "supermajor." Explain.


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Friday's Question (No. 490)—"Defiance":

"[It] is about defying gravity. This is the idea. In some ways it is like information. Information is immaterial." Who said this about what?

"For God's sake, would everyone just stop giving Al Gore advice about his debating style!"—Greg Diamond

"The Archer Daniels Midland Co. In an ad Sunday morning. Over gold-tinted footage of a kid flying a kite through a field of grain. And I have no idea what it meant, but God bless 'em. And God bless ethanol."—Chris Kelly

"Cher, apparently about getting older."—Steven Davis

"The leading man in David Mamet's new play, The Scientific Science, about something scientific. He went on to say, 'This could be, like, a totally new thing. In science. Eh? Because when you have an idea—no, wait—you have an idea, and this idea comes to you: You say, "Yes." You do not wait. Because inspiration is fleeting, my friend. And so you go, to the lab, to the ... it doesn't matter, you go there, you do the experiments, and maybe you defy gravity, maybe you don't. You see?' "—Francis Heaney

"Looks to me as if this is a trick question. It'd be too easy to say someone (or anyone) in the Gore or Bush or Clinton or Lazio or Clarence Thomas camps. So I'm going to try something a little more esoteric and take a wild stab: Could it be Renzo Piano about his winning design for the new Times building on Eighth Avenue?"—David Finkle

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