No. 487: "Some Shun Fashion"

No. 487: "Some Shun Fashion"

No. 487: "Some Shun Fashion"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Oct. 7 2000 12:00 AM

No. 487: "Some Shun Fashion"

"It was a fashion, and nothing is more unfashionable than a fashion that is out of fashion." Who said this about what? 


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Wednesday's Question (No. 486)—"Zanan-o-Gram":

In the current issue of the Iranian magazine Zanan, Shahla Sherkat lists five things she likes about sigheh

1. Relations between the young become freer.
2. People can satisfy their sexual needs.
3. Sex becomes depoliticized.
4. The young use up energy they'd expend in street demonstrations.
5. Society's obsession with virginity will disappear.

What is sigheh?

"Wishful thinking."—David Finkle

"It sounds like their presidential debates are a lot more interesting than ours."—Steven Davis

"I don't know, but apparently Zanan is the Iranian word for Cosmo."—Matt Sullivan

"Seniors' access to prescription drugs. OK, prescription drugs. OK, drugs. Just drugs. Drugs."—Ellis Weiner