No. 484: "Science Is Golden"
No. 484: "Science Is Golden"
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Sept. 30 2000 12:00 AM

No. 484: "Science Is Golden"

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The court also accepted three other significant Fourth Amendment appeals. One involves a drug-sniffing dog and the cars at a checkpoint on a city street, one involves the urine of pregnant women at a municipal hospital, and one involves a man who was arrested, handcuffed, booked, and tossed into a cell for driving without a seatbelt. Boy, if they mixed up the evidence in these three cases, that would be some funny movie. Probably starring Jim Carrey.


The Agema Thermovision 210—the current model is the Thermovision 1000—is made by a company called Flir Systems Inc. To see some cool thermal images, and not just of fleeing suspects, go here.

Common Denominator

Our concupiscent chief executive (only 100 days left to use your remaining stock of presidential sex gags).

Randy Cohen used to write Slate's "News Quiz." His most recent book—oh, like you don't know.