No. 482: "Quién No Pertenece?"

No. 482: "Quién No Pertenece?"

No. 482: "Quién No Pertenece?"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Sept. 26 2000 3:00 AM

No. 482: "Quién No Pertenece?"

Peru's Vladimiro Montesinos, Haiti's Raul Cédras, Ecuador's Abdalá Bucaram, the Shah of Iran, Panama's Manuel Noriega—who does not belong? Why? 


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Friday's Question (No. 481)—"Count on It":

"It is such a hit with the kids because they can count them and then it is so rewarding for them to eat them." Who said this about what?

"I'm not sure, but if it's that Swedish group and their slaves, there's gonna be hell to pay."—Matthew Renner (Katha Pollitt had a similar answer.)

"ABC programming chief Stu Bloomberg, about next season's reality-based, buzz-generating new show, Third-World Kids 'n' Squirrels."—Ellis Weiner

"George W. Bush, about education vouchers."—Nick Smith (similarly, Dash Pupkin and Jon Drumwright)

"RJR Nabisco, on its new line of 'educational' tobacco products."—Ariel Gilbert-Knight

"Gee, after seeing the merchandising for Joe Eszterhas' new movie, American Dildo, I'm thinking maybe Hollywood does need to stop marketing R movies to children."—Gerry Kaufman

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