No. 479: "Talking Turkey"

No. 479: "Talking Turkey"

No. 479: "Talking Turkey"

Testing your knowledge of what happened this week
Sept. 19 2000 3:00 AM

No. 479: "Talking Turkey"

When they got their first one 125 years ago, some Turks feared it on religious grounds. No more. Fill in the blank as Osman Canturk enjoys the grand opening of a new one in Istanbul on Saturday: "If you are a person with faith, you are not afraid. So I'll be happy to go on this _____________." 


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Friday's Question—(No. 478) "Shoppers Special":

A Swiss group, Christian Solidarity International, just bought 4,435 more of something in the Sudan, at $33 each, bringing its total purchase to 38,000, and attracting harsh criticism from the United Nations. What did it buy, and why did the United Nations disapprove?

"UNICEF boxes. 'Woo hoo!' cried one member of CSI. 'Mine's got over $50 in it!' "—Floyd Elliot

"Somebody has got to tell them that the Beanie Baby craze is over. The United Nation's as good as anyone, I guess."—Brad Hammill

"Front-row orchestra seats to tonight's performance of Cats."—Peter Lerangis

"I know this isn't on point, but haven't we gone rather a long time without saying anything really nasty about Rudy Giuliani?"—Greg Diamond

"Slaves. The United Nations had set aside exclusive rights to freeing slaves for a U.S. elementary school."—Will Vehrs

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